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Different types of maintenance

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Different types of maintenance

When we talk about building maintenance company in Dubai there are so many things which fall under its domain and it is no joke when you talk about handling a huge facility. One set of teams can manage different tasks but not all at the same time. Wat you need to know is that there are different kinds of maintenance which you can look forward to:

  • Scheduled or planned maintenance

As suggest by its name scheduled maintenance takes place when you have a date and time set on calendar for them to come over and perform the tasks which you have hired them for. Planned maintenance are best for the times when you don’t want to hire a full-time maintenance team. The team will come over at the desired time with all the tools and team and they will do what you have asked them to.

  • Routine maintenance

This is somewhat similar to planned or scheduled maintenance but the difference between them is that routine maintenance will take place every week or month or as per schedule without wanting to remind people about their tasks. This is sort of an alarm which goes off every time and reminds you about the maintenance which needs to take place. You could simply set the routine and be worry free as again this will help you stay away from hiring the team full team but still seeking their benefits.

  • Emergency maintenance

After learning about scheduled or routine maintenance you maybe wondering about the time when you need to get something fixed urgently. For example, if the meter is fused on the entire floor how would you manage to continue the daily tasks and wait for the scheduled or routine maintenance to take over on the specified time. In such cases it is essential that you consider help from emergency maintenance to help you with the task.

  • Total productive maintenance

As suggested, this is the full time maintenance which most of the people consider hiring because when you need their help in emergency you will have to pay extra to them or wait for the scheduled maintenance to take over. Total productive management will help you with everything ranging from landscaping services in Dubai to cleaning services everything will be easily managed. We still believe this is the most convenient of all of them.