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A healthy life style is everything that is not related to our modern life style. The comfort-food, air-conditioned transportation, 4k HD internet, and absence of any physical activity are danger indicators. The organ that sustains the biggest injury is your heart.

Our hearts work 24/7 starts working for us, even before we are born. Covering it with unhealthy fats and bad- cholesterol by the way of consuming high salt and sugar rich meals, slows it down. The prospect of not working out regularly does not help either.

A healthy life style is when you have a balanced diet in addition to suitable exercise on a regular basis, to maintain a healthy heart and body.

Is your heart healthy?

Your heart works for you without stopping; it is worth some of your attention and consideration.  Check for the following signs to evaluate if your heart is in tip top condition or calling for help:

  1. Do you get short of breath, after ascending one flight of stairs?
  2. Do you have fibers, proteins, minerals, and good fats in your diet?
  3. Do you work out at least thrice a week?
  4. Do you spent hours in front of a screen without any breaks?
  5. Do you suffer from frequent abnormal fluctuations in your blood pressure?

When to see a Cardiologist?

By putting yourself trough the above questionnaire, you could evaluate if you are living a healthy life or not. If you concluded that you have been neglecting your heart and health, you are like majority of people in the modern world.

Among job, education, internet, and virtual socializing our lives have become so wired and engaged that we do not have time to look out for our health and well-being, which should be our priority. Even if you are lean but you find yourself out of breath or dealing with blood-pressure abnormalities, your heart needs urgent attention.

How to stay away from a Cardiologist?

An apple a day and keep the doctor away!

This proverb holds more merit than you can imagine. 9 out of 10 cardiologists in Dubai recommend that working out daily and maintaining a healthy diet can eliminate the risk of 90% heart disease. The best cardiology hospitals in Dubai are filled with patients who ignored the most important organ in their body until it developed serious problems.

If you want to live a long but healthy and disease free life, you should adhere to a healthy life style and never ignore the warning signals from your heart.