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Which Flowers Are The Best Option For Arrangements?

Which Flowers Are The Best Option For Arrangements?

You have a few options when choosing a flower for corporate flower arrangements. These include Peonies, Larkspur, Greenery, and Coneflowers. Which one will best suit your style? Read on for tips on choosing the right flower for your arrangement. You’ll also discover some tips for drying and storing your flowers. Arrangements are best suited for bright, colorful flowers.


Peonies are the best flower for arrangements for a variety of reasons. This flower is easy to grow and thrives on neglect. You’ll find them growing alongside vintage farmsteads across the Midwest. Peonies are low-maintenance flowers and require full sun, but they do better in soil that drains well. They’re also popular for weddings, representing good fortune and happy marriage. Their season ranges from late April to early June, depending on your location.


The larkspur is a popular cut flower and grows very well in containers. This flower is available in several colors and comes in bunches of 10 stems. Its white color dries well, making it a great addition to floral arrangements. They don’t have a perfume, but their delicate white color compliments floral arrangements nicely. The white variety is locally grown and is available in multiple colors.


Flowers are the stars of any floral arrangement, but greenery is just as important. Whether used alone or mixed with other flowers, greenery can make any arrangement look more complete. If you want to add romance to your arrangements, consider using smilax vines, which trail gracefully. They make for beautiful bouquets and can be used as garlands as well. This type of greenery also comes in a variety of colors and shapes.


The Echinacea family, especially the coneflower, is an excellent choice for floral arrangements. Not only is it drought-resistant, but it is also fast-blooming and attracts a wide variety of insects. They make a beautiful addition to any garden or bouquet and can survive even the coldest winter temperatures, making them perfect for the colder parts of the world. These flowers also grow well in warm climates.


If you plan to arrange flowers for your home, you’ll want to grow snapdragons. They grow best in cool temperatures but can also survive in hotter climates. To grow snapdragons, start them from seed and allow them to grow for up to 8 weeks before transplanting. Choose seedlings from a garden center that look the healthiest. They may not survive transplanting if they’ve already flowered. Prepare your soil with organic matter to prevent weeds. Add soil additives to achieve a negative pH to encourage snapdragon growth.