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Vape juice is a liquid that is used in electronic atomizers to create vapors, it is also called e-juice and e-liquid. It consists of four main ingredients; Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG), flavoring and Nicotine. There are hundreds of types of vape juice out there that are mainly differentiated by flavors, PG/VG ratio and nicotine levels.


Vape juices are available in so many flavors and their combinations, most people prefer to have a combination of different flavors instead of one single flavor. Some of the famous flavors are:

Blue cotton candy: sweet blueberry taste with a hint of cotton candy flavor.

Peach with vanilla: blend of vanilla and peach flavors with menthol.

Traditional tobacco: the original tobacco taste.

Cherries and berries: a delicious fruit mixture of berries.

PG/VG Ratio

These are the two main ingredients used in any vape juice, PG is much thinner in consistency than VG. E-juices have different types based on the ratio of PG and VG in them.

70 VG/30 PG Vape Juice: this type of juice has more authentic flavor more or less like honey rather than tasting like a chemical and it produces much bigger and thicker vapor clouds. High VG ratio gives heavier sensation in the mouth and feels smooth in throat.

70 PG/ 30 VG Vape Juice: the high PG ratio accounts for a sharp sensation in the throat when inhaling, which feels more like cigarette smoking. This type is preferred by those who want to keep the vapors low as high PG ratio produces light vapors and has a distinct improved flavor.

50 PG/ 50 VG Vape Juice: the ratio of both PG and VG is equal with a decent number of vapors produced and a balanced taste.

Nicotine levels

0mg nicotine: this type of vape juice has no nicotine and it is for those who want to have a vaping experience but without any nicotine in it.

3mg nicotine: it contains a minimal level of nicotine and it is best for the users who are not looking for anything strong or addictive.

6mg nicotine: it is for suitable for those who are moderate level smokers as it contains a reasonable amount of nicotine in it.

12mg nicotine: high level of nicotine is used in this type of juice and it is preferred by those who are heavy smokers and the users of unfiltered cigarettes.

So, these are a few types of vape juices. You can get any of the vape juice in Abu Dhabi. Besides, every vape shop in Dubai has amazing flavours.