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The chair is a piece of furniture on which we sit to entertain ourselves or do our work. There are different kinds of chairs. Some chairs are made to keep at homes and rooms to do work or relax while some are made to use at formal events. Corporate –based functions use different kinds of chairs. Their chairs have edges yet they are stylish but wedding chairs are different from them. There are numerous types of wedding chairs. Scroll down to know five main types of wedding chairs!

  1. Banquet Chairs: They are the commonest chairs that we have seen in our loved ones and friends’ weddings usually. They are steel or alloy made chairs that have cushions at sitting position and the rods. The chairs have designs that make them wedding chairs. Yet the chairs are covered with cloth by party rentals in Dubai
  2. Bentwood Café Chair: If your friend will have a wedding in the farmhouse and he or she wants stylish but cheap chairs then ask the companion to choose Bentwood Café Chairs. These chairs do not need a cloth to cover as they are so stylish which their round like style at the back which is comfortable for people who sit on them. 
  3. Chameleon Chairs: They are metal chairs that zig-zag at the back and cushion at the base. You can use them in weddings that are going to be held in Banquet halls. The seats are usually covered in cloth. You can use Lyca or satin covers to make them appear shiny and glossy. 
  4. English Garden Chairs: If you have a few friends and relatives to call on a wedding but you have saved a lot of money then you can choose iron-made and carved English Garden chairs with round tables to make your wedding different that would be an amalgamation of vintage and modern style.  Yet, you have to look around at different furniture rental in Dubai to get them.
  5. Slotted Chair: If you love to casual weddings which would easier for you to organize and attend for your friends and family then choose wood-made clotted chairs for your wedding. The seat wood pieces at base and back which thin rods to connect them. The roads open cross-wards which make them casual yet decent. Yet, it is better to choose them when you are having a function in an open lawn or it would not look good in closed halls.