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With the dynamics of the current corporate world changing rapidly due to the outbreak of the pandemic, everyone has to adapt to new circumstances and it has been a challenge lately. If you are considering a NEBOSH safety course in UAE then you must be aware of the interviews which accompany it and how it is necessary for the candidates to pass it. It can surely become a huge hectic and source of stress – especially when it is not face to face but through the interactions of a screen. 

This is why here ISO certification consultants in UAE have a few very important tips for a successful interview and how to ace it by keeping only a few things in mind:

  • Be prepared for unexpected internet issues

It surely is a huge struggle with internet every day that no matter how much you keep it in check, it will always end up creating issues at the very last moment. This is the reason that we would highly recommend you to consider backup internet services to help you through this all. Keep testing your internet connection so that you are well aware in the advance for the upcoming issues and if you can solve them in time.

  • Be presentable

This is one of the tips we believe every responsible candidate makes sure to keep in check. We all know that one should dress to impress and the same should be on video call because even if it’s from the comfort of your home or organization, it does not mean that you can take it lightly and informal. Still dress up the way one would and keep your background presentable so that points for professionalism are kept in check.

  • Be aware of lighting and positioning

Not a lot of people consider this seriously and this is the reason that most of the time they are asked by the interviewer to move their position so that the light shining from behind their faces does not block the view in front of the camera – it is surely an embarrassing moment to be pointed out, this is why keep your lighting positions in check beforehand to avoid such scenes. Always remember that light should be shown in front of the object rather than behind the camera.

These are very minute details but holds immense importance.