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When we here the word tea, most of get energetic and we instantly need a cup of tea now and if you are not near any tea at all then we are deeply sorry for putting in a bad craving. But the tea lovers will be shocked to know that there are some people who hate tea and we would really like to ask those people that why they hate tea and they must let us know. Tea has many benefits and, in the gulf and some Asian countries, there are some cultures who take tea as a life saving drug.

You must be thinking that how tea is saving people’s life, well some people say that whenever they have a headache, they just take strong tea and they feel fine and some even say that if they have a fever, they don’t go to the doctor or any clinic, they simply have tea with herbs twice a day and they feel fine. You will be shocked to know that there are some of the best coffee and tea suppliers in Dubai and they are making good loads of money and if you want to earn money with this commodity then we suggest that you start with coffee machine suppliers in UAE. The benefit of this business is that as much money as you put in it, the more profit you will have which means that even if you less money then you can def start this business and grow it large. But before you start putting money, you must read some of the fun facts about tea;

Most consumed beverage: the first most consumed beverage is water, well, it is not a beverage but a liquid and the second most consumed beverage is tea in the world. People always thought that coffee is most consumed beverage but some people are allergic to coffee and there is not a person in the world who has reported to be allergic to tea.

Avoid tea bags: all the tea bags that are manufactured have plastic and that is why you need to avoid tea bags.

Variety of tea: the tea comes from a plant that is called the Camellia Sinensis. Though there are different kinds of tea but it mainly comes from one plant.