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Even though we get through many difficulties and we get all the latest tech, still there are different challenges that we have to face. There is a saying that no free meals, and that clearly means that we have to do some work or put some efforts to get the best results. For example, the mobile phone was made for us to do the daily tasks easily and many other things because there are many things that our phone does but to use this tech, we have to charge the phone and make sure that it does not break. Just like that, we as humans also have a responsibility to make sure that we keep the world green and clean for having a better place to live and let live. But no matter whatever tech is built, there are always some challenges and the worst issue that the world is facing is plastic. Click here to know more about biodegradable packaging. But we have a solution and that solution is called biodegradable plastic but this also has some challenges;

  1. The first challenge is that the process of disposing off this material is very fatiguing. If you don’t follow the procedures and we throw this material just like that we throw plastic, then there is no benefit of using this material. You must be wondering that what is the procedure? What you have to do is make sure to bury this material in the soil. Now the issue is that you cannot carry a shovel everywhere around you and not all of us dig soil with hands because some people are super allergic to dust and soil. And what if you are in the middle of the sea and you have a lot of this material, so you have to get rid of it at some point. But you cannot just throw it in the sea so, what means that you have to live in the dirt for much time and that is not healthy at all.
  2. There are different types of biodegradable plastics and almost all of them have pieces of metal in them. Though they are not harmful but that is what it makes it so expensive.
  3. The next issue is that if you are in a country where there are extreme weathers, the decomposition may take time which is not good.