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Amazing and easy to make healthy snacks

People now know about the importance of healthy food Dubai Marina that’s why they are searching for good restaurants and search healthy recipes to try. There are many people who think that health food is the only way of living an active life and they are correct to some extent. If you need to get healthy brunch Dubai then you need to take careful analysis of different restaurants and then select the best one that provide healthy food options with cleanliness. You can also make some easy and healthy snacks at home when you are free to enjoy good health. Here are a few recipes for your ease:

Cucumber olive salad: This salad can be made within minutes it is full of nutrients and health. Especially if you are taking it during summer then it will be very refreshing yet light on your stomach so that you can enjoy your day easily. To make this salad you have to get 2 to 3 cucumber, and add a few of cherry tomatoes in that. Yu can also use regular tomatoes but then you need to dice them, add some fresh mint leaves and olives in that. Drizzle over any sauce which you like and then you are good to go with that. Enjoy your amazing lunch.

Caprese salad: This is an amazing salad in which you need to add just a few ingredients and then you can enjoy a different taste of salad. It is an Italian recipe so you will get a different taste in that. Get some tomatoes and chop them in slices, ad mozzarella cheese in the form of big chunks, add some mint leaves to it and mix it well. Then you need to add pesto sauce to give it an Italian taste.

Caesar salad: It is the easiest and widely used salad which you can also serve as a side dish along with your lunch or dinner and you can also take it solely as a complete meal of the summer day. It is very easy and delicious because you will get amazing chunks of cabbage in that along with the creamy texture of the cream and mayonnaise. Chop some of the cabbage leaves in big pieces, add a few pieces of cheese and bread, and then add mayonnaise and cream with salt and black pepper.