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What is a Mainland Company?

A mainland company can be defined as an ashore company which has a license given by the Department of Economic Development (DED). Having a mainland company means you can do business wherever you want and like. Your business could either be regional market or it could be outside United Arab Emirates. There won’t be any limitations.

How to set up Mainland Company in Dubai?

Mainland Company setup in Dubai is very easy if you follow some steps. Some people think that the formation is quite difficult but this is not the case. Here are some steps by which you can easily form Mainland Company in Dubai.

Choose business action

There are several kinds of activities you could do for your business. Now, it is up to what kind of action you choose for your business. Make sure the business you choose is feasible for you and everybody else and whether the business you are thinking to do can be done in your region or not.

Sponsor from United Arab Emirates

Getting a regional United Arab Emirates sponsor is very important in order to get a license for your Mainland Company. If you find any illegal sponsor, it would create a lot of problem for you because you won’t be able to adjust your business properly. You can check various websites for the services of the sponsors.

Choose lawful form

You may form any kind of business in Dubai, every business would have a lawful form. It is given by the Dubai Economic Department.

Name of the business

Now, it is time for you to choose the name of your business. The name should not be devout or abusive. It should basically reflect your business.

Take office on rent

If you are forming your business for the first time, then it is very important to take an office on rent. At first, renting an office is fine because you don’t know whether your business would be in profit or loss.


You have to pay fee so that your company could get a license. After the payments, you will easily get your license. This can easily be done through business setup consultants DMCC.