When you live in a van, or any small space for that matter, your objective is to have as many things as possible to play double duty.

That is exactly what our Big Agnes sleeping bags do.

How, do you ask? Well, even though we live in a van, we don’t sleep in it every night. We still get out and to camp, sleep in our tent and get dirty. Just like we would if we lived in a house.

Space is too tight to have separate sleeping bags for camping and blankets for the van. We needed to have a solution that worked well for both, without giving up comfort.

After consulting with our friends at Big Agnes, we went with a pair of Big Agnes System Bags. The Lost Ranger 15 and Roxy Ann 15.

In the van, we use them zipped together as a double. If you want to do this, you need to make sure you get one left and one right, preferably the same length. The two sleeping bags fit together perfectly and sit about the same width as the bottom bed in the Westfalia. No uncomfortable bunching, but still plenty of room for the two of us (and sometimes RainDog) to sleep comfortably.

In the summer we often unzip a hole at the bottom for a bit of airflow. In the winter we zip right up into the mommy hoods and stay warm enough at -15C.

The best part of these sleeping bags comes when you get out of the van though. The Sleep System offers a sleeve in which your sleeping pad can slide right into. I fell in love with the Sleep System on my first night. No more rolling or sliding off your pad! It’s the most comfortable night I have ever spent in a tent.

To top it off, even after one year of using them every single night, they still look great and have held up very well. I think the DownTek water repellent down helps prevent moisture buildup, even night after a few nights in damp conditions. And we’ve had a few of those, spending a month winter van camping on Vancouver Island.

We did get around to getting a proper wash and dry with tennis balls in as well, and the bags puffed right up to new again.

We recommend you check out the line of Big Agnes bags for your van, or for camping. With top notch materials, build and design you are sure to love them as much as we do.


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