The Green State! It certainly wears its name well and we made the most of those luscious forests. In our most recent Back on the road blog, I was telling you all about how excited we were to hit one of our classic MTB destination – Kingdom Trails in East Burke VT. We had a boatload of fun riding there and meeting new people.

The funny thing is, we knew for a few months where we’d be starting the project but had no idea what was going to be the second, third or fourth destination. So there we were, in a grocery store parking lot, sitting in the van trying to figure out where to go from there.

In a way, it was so different from our experience from last year going through Canada. Back home, the route is much easier to figure out. I mean there is only one major route crossing the country. Here, we have a variety of options going in every direction! We decided to trust our friends and followers on the next riding spot. Millstone! The trail network is located in an area that has dozens of historic granite quarries, providing for dramatic and surprising views along the ride. We had a great ride, but with the rain in the forecast, we decided to continue our way.

We set our GPS for our third destination in Vermont, Pittsfield. Now you might wonder why we would end up in this quaint farming village. Well, the #Sero Story coming up next Tuesday should provide that answer. Stay Tuned. We were also quite grateful to find a wonderful camping spot in a nearby State Park. We had some quiet times, lovely (freezing) creek dipping and made friends with an awesome family that has been camping in that park annually for decades! They had us over for food (including a delicious strawberry rhubarb pie!), beers and taught us to play Washers. Fun times!

Last but not the least, we made our way to Rutland to find our next SeroStory. We also got to ride their trails, which were quite fun, saw lots of hikers (Rutland in on the Appalachian Trail route) and even gave a ride into town to a family from Israel thru-hiking the AT. By their estimate, they would be at the end of the trail in Maine by mid September. Quite inspiring!

Finally, we went on a short hike ourselves with beautiful views of the Green Mountains before finding a great creekside camping spot to finish off our Vermont journey. Although we didn’t find our favourite chocolate-PB pie, we got the home-made one served to us in Pittsfield, and stuffed our face with two classic Vermont delicacies, Ben & Jerry ice cream and Cabot cheese! Delicious!

Next destination … Massachusetts!


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