Places, places, places. It is what traveling is all about. It’s what we get excited for. The snow peaked mountain tops, the bright blue ocean, the tall green trees. We all dream about it. We all dream about the escape.

There is no hiding the fact that when we left Ottawa last May, the excitement that got us behind the wheel of our Westfalia was fuelled by the places. That van was our freedom vessel and it was going to take us to the snow peaked mountain tops, the bright blue ocean and everything in-between.


Miles went by and trees blurred together. Within time you start to become uncertain if the trees are moving past the van or the van is moving past the trees. Everything becomes one.

I believe that anyone who travels frequently has felt this. You go somewhere for the place. It’s what gets you motivated to make the drive, book the flight or get there however you can, but eventually all these places start to blur together in your mind.


There is always one thing that stands out to me in while traveling though. One thing that keeps each places unique and I never forget.

It is the people we meet!

It hit me the other night. We had been asked what the most special moment of our project, of our trip had been so far. I started off by thinking about the steep cliffs of Newfoundland, the beautiful beaches of Nova Scotia, the red dirt roads of PEI and so on. None of these places seemed more special than the other. They all hold beauty in their own way.


What has been special, and I realize it now, is the new way we have discovered to travel. It is what now motivates us the most to get behind the wheel and move to our next destination.

It is the people we meet. Every person that has had a part in the project, rather through a Sero Story, a great conversation in a park, or with whom we shared an amazing meal. Each and every person we have met has made this project so memorable and keeps each place unique.


When we sit back and think about PEI now, we don’t think about the red roads we dreamed of before going, we think of that evening of surfing with Jarrod and the great diner we shared with his family. When we think of Saskatoon, we remember the amazing day paddling on the river with Marcus.


And now we sit in Revelstoke. We don’t know where to go next. We don’t know which town excites us most. We are just going to drive west and stop when we come across that next amazing and memorable person.

So next time you book that trip, take that vacation, think about about who instead of where. Open up to meeting new people and discovering where it takes you. Foster that relationship. Enjoy the company. Meet new friends and remember everyone that makes each and everyday unique.



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