John and I have traveled a fair bit but Newfoundland was one of the two province we hadn’t been to. We were both equally excited to get the project going but mostly to discover what “The Rock” had to offer and we were not disappointed.

Our first few days in Corner Brook were great. We met great people, found our first Sero Story, got out on our bikes and hiked a bit.

The Humber River. Photo by Matt Murley

The Humber River. Photo by Matt Murley

We then headed out to Gros Morne National Park. We knew we would enjoy ourselves but we literally fell in love with everything this place has to offer. The scenery is grandiose, the variety of what the outdoor has to offer is remarkable and the people are as nice as they get. Second Story was even shot there. Unfortunately, we had to leave but we will be back!


Twillingate was next on our itinerary. We had found on that they were everywhere in this area. We were not disappointed with the picturesque views and the icebergs.   John even paddled around one… Crazy if you ask me! We also experienced more of the legendary Newfoundland hospitality and had our first shed party. Thanks to Pete and his family this evening was memorable.


The couple of days were spent in Gambo and Terra Nova where we had some great time canoe camping with Sero Story #3 and met some good friends.

We had to go to St. John’s but decided to take the long way through the Bonavista peninsula and made it to Elliston to see some Puffins and some old root cellars. Then we drove up the next peninsula to visit friends in New Melbourne before finally make it to the big city.


Our last story from “The Rock” was waiting for us in Flat Rock and we had a blast with the photoshoot. We spent a bit of time being real tourists checking out Quidi Vidi, and the JellyBean Row and grabbing bears with new friends in the downtown core.

We then visited what was supposed to be the starting point of our trip. Cape Spears being the most eastern point in Canada, we felt it was a good place to start but it seems that plans are made to be changed! We still had to go and visit though.


We are spending our last two days on the island between Cape St. Mary visiting the bird sanctuary and Ship Cove trying to relax and get some work done.


It has truly been amazing, for a lack of a better word.

Newfoundland recap:

  • 2640 Km driven
  • 23 days and 22 nights (20 in the van, 2 in the tent)
  • 4 Sero eStories
  • 2 National Parks
  • Wildlife encountered: 1 lynx, 1 moose, 1 black bear (from far… don’t worry mom), 2 beavers (or 1 beaver seen twice, not certain), 1 bat, countless whales, sheeps, puffins, gannets and black legged kittiwake at the sanctuary.
  • So many icebergs
  • 1 Newfie shed party
  • 1 Breakdown (upper shock mount )
  • Loads of nice people that opened their houses for us to have a shower or make a load of laundry.
  • John’s highlight: Paddling around an iceberg in Twillingate
  • Tracy’s highlight: Discovering Gros Morne National Park
  • Rain’s highlight: Sleeping in the sleeping bag between Tracy and John on cold nights and sheep encounters during our Green Gardens hike.




  1. Matt Murley Reply June 19, 2016 at 4:25 pm

    “Photo by Matt Murley”? Please, I was a glorified tripod 😝

    P.S. Cape Spear is not only the most easterly point in Canada, but all of North America!

  2. AJ Reply June 19, 2016 at 8:55 pm

    Sounds awesome!! As I said in the email, wifi, shower, and laundry while you are on the South Shore of NS, whether I’m home or not!

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