Quebec! The fifth province. Although we had a stretch of french speaking in the Acadian Peninsula, I was pretty excited to get back into French-land and John was worried he wouldn’t be able to communicate with anyone! Well it wasn’t that bad for him… And he got to learn a couple of words 😉RathwellJ-160721-2540We started our journey in Gaspesie, driving around the tip counterclockwise. The landscapes and sceneries, a mix of ocean beauty and mountains, were stunning with all the little villages niched in natural coves and inlets along the coast. We had lots of fun driving around this peaceful area where salmon fly fisherman gather all summer in the many shallow rivers.RathwellJ-160723-0068Our first long stop was in Sainte-Anne-des-Monts at the entrance of the Parc de la Gaspesie where you can hike and enjoy the natural beauty of the Chics-Chocs mountains. We played with our SUP a little bit on the Sainte-Anne river and watched a bunch of kite surfers playing where the river meets the St-Lawrence. Jealousy! We couldn’t do any of the great hikes in the Parc de la Gaspesie, as provincial parks are not dog friendly and we didn’t want to leave our faithful companion Rain behind. Instead, we hiked Mount Hog’s Back just outside of the park for nice views of the area.RathwellJ-160728-0200We also found our first Sero Story around there, in the small town of Riviere-a-Claude. Ben, a super nice guy, longboarder and free-spirited individual. We got to spend a couple of days with fun people and John even got to longboard. We witnessed some of the most beautiful night skies one can see three nights in a row. I am still grateful for that.RathwellJ-160728-2651Next destination was Quebec city. We wandered a couple of hours in the old city before making our way to Mont Ste-Anne for the UCI Mountain Biking World Cup event. For four days, we got to hang out in this amazing mountain biking town watching world class athletes do things on a bike I wouldn’t even think of doing. We met our second Sero story Peter, a retired yet still living life to the fullest mountain bike photographer and van lifer. And of course, we got to ride the trails a couple of times and discovered a sick spot with waterfalls you can bathe in!RathwellJ-160804-3112We then had to leave for Montreal. John and I wanted to do some surfing there. Unfortunately, there was not much to surf at Habitat 67 but we got told to try out a smaller feature, La vague a Guy. It was the perfect place to hang out for two blazing hot days we spent in the metropolis. We were surprised by the number of surfers and the great vibe this place had. Montreal surf scene is alive and well that’s for sure. Igor’s story is a living proof of that.RathwellJ-160809-4991Last but not least, Gatineau. We wanted to make a stop home on our way through, to see friends, family but also to bike our home trails. It felt so good to ride Camp Fortune and Mont St-Marie again! Our latest story of Nick was shot in those trails! I know it’s going to sound like first world problem, but as cool as it is to try out awesome new trails everywhere we go, there is something to be said about your home trails. You know them, you love them, you know where to go, know the flow, where to gain speed, how to ride them. You can zone out and go and that is the best feeling.RathwellJ-160723-0083Quebec we love you. We had a great time and our only regret is to not have had enough time to visit more of you because we know how much you have to offer, in Charlevoix, Lac St-Jean, Côte Nord and so on, but we’ll be back!

Quebec recap:

  • 2770 Km driven
  • 26 nights, all spent in the van!
  • 4 Sero Stories
  • Wildlife encountered: Fox, osprey, owl, dear, oh and we saw someone with a pet racoon…yup!
  • No breakdowns after more than 10,000km… Knock on wood!
  • We were happy to visit friends and family that we are going to miss greatly over the next 18 months.
  • John’s highlight: Longboarding in Gaspesie!
  • Tracy’s highlights: Eating poutine and be present for my grandfather’s 79th birthday!
  • Rain’s highlight: Chasing mountain bikes on the trails!

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