The Northcumberland Ferry took us from Nova Scotia to PEI first thing in the morning (we didn’t want to miss a thing!). The ride was smooth and short, especially compared to the 12 and 16 hours overnight rides to and from Newfoundland!

We slowly started driving around the island counterclockwise. We stopped at OM Soap around Murray Harbour to get some great home made soap before hitting the road again. We also admired the great views the red cliffs of the east shore have to offer. It’s so beautiful!

We stopped for a hike in Bridgeton on the Boughton River Natural Area trails. It was a great afternoon to get the legs doing on this 8k hike. We also met a really nice couple from Boston on the trails who were also avid travellers and had a great time sharing experiences with them.

Little Harbour Beach offered a great place to discover the enchanting signing sand, beautiful sandy beaches and a nice paddle into the Pond at high tide to hang out with crabs and fishes!

After checking out Bassin Head Beach and the East Point Lighthouse (we had to stop at the start/end of the world), we had plans to meet up with our friend Jarrod to paddle the Stew in Mount Stewart. It’s a short stationary wave that forms from a pinch under a bridge when the tide change makes the current stronger than usual. For an hour or so, you can take your kayak and play on that really smooth green face. John was up for the challenge and decided to take his SUP instead, a thing that had not been done before according to Jarrod. So much fun! The we completed that amazing day in the great company of Jarrod and his wife. Fun times. By the way, if you end up around Mount Stewart, make a point to stop at the Trailside Cafe to taste some great local cuisine. You can even pick the music by choosing a record from the stack they have and enjoy some great tunes.

We had a nice morning hike in the Greenwich National Park before keeping on with our journey. Next destination was Brookvale. A few people had told us that PEI was a mountain biking destination and we still had to see that. We spent a couple of days riding the local trails and other networks in the area suggested by people we met. We were there on a race weekend so we got to meet a lot of riders, including our next Sero story! If you haven’t done it yet, you can read our Bike recap for more information and photos.

After spending a bit of time in Charlottetown, stuffing our face in world famous Cow’s Ice cream, we headed out to Foxley River and spent some time paddling the Conway Narrows, a stunning body of water protected by sand dunes between Malpeque Bay and Cascumpec Bay. So peacefull. We even met a fisherman who spent a bit of time explaining the ins and outs of oyster fishing and showing us his boat and tools. He even left a few freshly caught oysters with us when he left!

We visited Summerside before, we drove across the Confederation bridge, the longest bridge in the world crossing ice covered water with 12.9 km. That was a great way to say goodbye to PEI. By the way, the bridge has a toll but you only pay when you leave the island, so you might as well just stay there 😉

Prince Edward Island recap:

  • 893 Km driven
  • 7 nights, all spent in the van!
  • 1 Sero Story
  • 1 National Park
  • Wildlife encountered: Tons of crabs, oysters, butterflies, jellyfish (we are getting used to seeing them), piping plovers and lots of other birds!
  • No breakdowns!
  • Loads of nice people that opened their houses for us to have a shower or make a load of laundry… That seems to be a trend!
  • John’s highlight: Surfing the Stew!
  • Tracy’s highlight: Finding and riding some great mountain bike trails!
  • Rain’s highlight: All the amazing dog-friendly beaches, lookouts and camp spots.

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