As the excitement of driving over the Confederation Bridge diminished, time came to create our New Brunswick plan.


It didn’t seem easy because New Brunswick’s nickname is the “Drive Through Province.” What does it actually have to offer? Should we just drive through? It would help us catch up to our planned schedule.

We didn’t really know much about the area. We don’t have many friends from the province and there doesn’t seem to be any stand out outdoor activity for the province.


We sat at Cape Jourimain looking at the bridge, discussing a plan. We decided we couldn’t leave the province without a Sero Story.

To the south was the population, the big cities. There is a tidal bore in Moncton people surf, Hopewell Rocks for some sea kayaking, and Reversing Falls for some whitewater in St. John. We also heard about some mountain biking in Edmunston and Sugarloaf.

As the sun began to set over the bridge, we decided we were too tired to make the call. We headed for the nearest dirt road that lead to the ocean to camp.


The next morning we needed to make a decision. We heard the north-eastern tip of New Brunswick was a kite surfers paradise. We didn’t know if anyone would be there. We didn’t know if the conditions would be right. With all our eggs in one basket and headed north, away from the population, in search of an inspirational kite surfing story.

We took our time, taking in the beauty of the province as we went. In search of a good swim and camp spot near the majestic Miramichi river, we got ourselves into a little misadventure. We ended up being trapped in by a tree that fell on the dirt road due to high winds With no way out, we know because we traveled for an hour and a half on that dirt road trying to find a way out, and with the sun setting, we decided to camp there and try to find help the next morning. As we decided to make dinner, help came unexpected. An area resident came by with a pickup tru and decided to help move the tree and in no time, we were set free!


As we approached the Acadian Peninsula, communities got smaller, we got more remote, and more worried. We stopped in Neguac and asked at the tourism office if they knew of any kite surfing spots. They pointed us farther north to Lameque and Miscou Islands.

This is where we would spend our next few days. We headed down the road until we could see kites is the air. “There they are!” I said. We followed them until we reached the parking lot. Kite surfers! We have a story.


We parked the van and got out. We felt like outcasts because we didnt know anything about the sport. Neither John or I had ever tried it. We didn’t know how to talk about it. We didn’t know how to fit in.

“Let’s just hang out and watch” I said. With no better idea, we did just that, impressed by the hypnotizing sight of those kites flying in the wind.


Finally this old ford camper van pulled in and a dude with long dreads and a big smile popped out of the side door with his two dogs. We both thought “That guy has a story!” More on the next week when his Sero Story goes live!

We spent the next few days around Miscou Island getting to know that Sero Story subject and learning how to kite. What an amazing sport!


After getting a good day of wind to shoot photos, it was time for us to keep moving west. It was also time for an adventure. A for Adventure recommended a hike to us when we met them in Halifax. The Mount Carleton hike in the provincial park with the same name. The highest peak of the province. We drove inland to check it out. It is amazing. You can also read the full trip report in a our Mt Carleton blog.


That would pretty much mark the end of New Brunswick for us. We continued to enter our 5th province, Québec. The only thing we regret is not spending more time down south and not mountain biking the trails around Edmunston but we had to leave some for next time we are there.

New Brunswick recap:

  • 867 Km driven
  • 8 nights, all spent in the van!
  • 1 Sero Story
  • Wildlife encountered: Our second moose on the road, tons of clams you could fish easily at low tide, jellyfish (we should be done seeing them for a while after this province), and herons everywhere around Micsou Island!
  • No breakdowns, just a misadventure!
  • Loads of nice people such as the Beaudin family who gave us water and a warm welcome!
  • John’s highlight: Learning how to fly a kite!
  • Tracy’s highlight: Sitting on the highest peek of the province with a stunning view!
  • Rain’s highlight: Hanging out at the beach with her new dog friends Popeye and Cali.



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