Tracy and I left the protected coast line of Gros Morne for the open and exposed northern shore a couple days ago with one purpose. We had some hope of finding a Sero Story in one of the small remote towns, but didn’t have any leads, so we continued our journey north-east in search of massive icebergs.


With some local advice and the website, we found exactly what we went for when we arrived at the end of the road, in a town called Twillingate.

Icebergs near Long Point Lighthouse.

Icebergs near Long Point Lighthouse.

These massive, ancient chucks of ice are unbelievable when you first set your eyes on them. There were several of them and all far from shore, but the high cliffs of the Long Point Lighthouse made for an amazing perspective.

Icebergs closer to the shore!

Icebergs closer to the shore!

We decided to try to find some a little closer to shore, and headed back into town where we found a rocky beach bay with 2 large ones relatively close.

The site was stunning and the sea was calm. I still felt the need to get closer, to get a better feel for the size of these ice islands. Most people would jump on a tour boat and take a ride out to the icebergs. I felt inspired to be a little more adventurous.


I had to paddle out to it. Human power is always better than motor power anyways. I got my Surftech Generator off the roof of the van and started paddling out of the bay. This was against locals advice who feared getting to close if the iceberg were to turn over or break off.


When I finally got up close, it was almost unbelievable. The height just towers over you. You could consider it a floating landmass. The currents and swells of the ocean changed around the iceberg with waves pounding into one side and an eddy on the sheltered side to relax.


After circomnavigating it, I turned back to return to the bay. It was truly one of the coolest (pun totally intended) things I have done, and just another reason to encourage you all to come to Newfoundland.

Have you ever seen an iceberg? Would you paddle out to it?





  1. Matt Murley Reply June 9, 2016 at 12:01 pm

    I’ve seen icebergs, I would paddle out to one, except ive never thought to do that before!

    So glad you guys are getting to see all the best of what Newfoundland has to offer!

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