If you follow any of our social media channels you probably noticed that we’ve finally left Ottawa. After a year of planning, an amazing crowdfunding campaign, a complete Westy restoration and some mechanical issues delaying our departure, we started driving East on May 22nd. The first day was a practice day! We made it all the way to Granby, QC to visit family. From there we left Monday around 1 PM after an amazing brunch and John had the ambitious plan of making it to Edmunston, or maybe Grand Falls NB. Let’s just say having a late start and cruising at 85 km/h on the highway did not help. We stopped in Montmagny to get groceries and decided at that moment we should start looking for a camp site. We found a beautiful spot on the banks of the St-Laurence with a stunning view and sunset. We had dinner, enjoyed the view and went to bed with the sun.

Van time is slower. Relax, enjoy and be.

Van time is slower. Relax, enjoy and be.

The next morning, John was set on driving all day. But then we got a message from his sister, Julie, telling us she just saw a post on Instagram from Andrew Knapp saying he was on his way to Halifax. Well, well! We had the chance to meet one of our favourite #vanlife photographer’s and his dog, Momo! We got in touch with him and realized he was on the same road just a couple of hours behind. This was an opportunity we couldn’t miss and decided to try to meet up with them. There was a nice camp site near Aroostook NB where we had a paddle and a nice dinner. Andrew and his crew arrived late that night. We all got to hang out the next day after finding another beautiful camp spot around a lake just passed Fredericton. It only took a bit of off-roading to get there and if Andrews’ bus could get there we would have no problem, right? We made it! John got scared but we did it! Ok, there was a lot of bouncing around and we had to push her out of the sand but our faithful Westy pulled through! It was a great site and we had a great time with our new friends. Got to play with our SUPs, Rain and Momo got to play fetch in the water a lot, we even got our first swim of the year… On May 25th! We finished the night with a campfire. I am not going to tell you all that happened but lets just say that there is a pretty interesting story involving Wolves and a UFO. Maybe one day I will tell you that story. In the morning, a bazillion mosquitos woke us up at 5 AM and so we hit the road early after saying goodbye to Andrew, Brandon and Momo.

Camping with Andrew Knapp and Momo!

Camping with Andrew Knapp and Momo!

It would be a long way to North Sydney but John was determined to drive as far as possible. Believe it or not, we made it – over 600 km of hilly roads. John was keeping the Westy on the road as I was killing a mosquito every 2 minutes. We rolled into the dock at 8 PM and caught the midnight ferry. After a horrible night sleep, we were finally in Newfoundland. With how tired we were, we tried to find a random trail to have a nap before continuing our journey. We found it an hour or so after Port-aux-Basques. A little side of the road trail. We explored a bit before going to sleep. Rain found mud, I found Moose poop and John found a Lynx… Welcome to Newfoundland! Another thing we found is that our off-roading adventure left us with weird “clinging” noise in the front end, so after our nap, John took a look under the van to hopefully find the problem. To our dismay, we had blown the washer over top of the nut and lost the upper shock bushing… It wasn’t great but if we could find a replacement bushing, we could probably fix it fairly easily. With that in mind we slowly limped into Corner Brook hoping to find there what we needed. We did! NAPA had the part and John managed to fix it in no time.

I feel like that won't be the first time I have to ask, "Can I fix it in the parking lot?"

I feel like that won’t be the first time I have to ask, “Can I fix it in the parking lot?”

Corner Brook is where we hope to find our first Sero Story from the road. Let’s get searching!



To drive or to paddle. That is van time.

To drive or to paddle. That is van time.

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  1. AJ Reply May 30, 2016 at 6:08 pm

    So happy you are on the road and sounds like having some pretty good adventures already. Safe travels and see you NS! A little jealous you got to meet Andrew and Momo

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