Both John and I were looking forward to our time in BC. Beautiful British Columbia. The province is dear to our hearts for numerous reasons. First, it is where the idea for the project emerged, during a ski trip in the Okanagan in February 2015. Second, it is the only “temperate” refuge in the country which was essential to live in the van during Winter without heat. Finally, if you’ve ever been, you probably know the place is as beautiful to look at as it is fun to play in, regardless of what it is you like to do.

Yup, looks like winter.


We left Canmore, AB in November and drove the van over the Rockies to make it to Golden. The drive was stunning and we stopped in Field to take in the views at Emerald Lake and the Natural Bridge you can see on the way.

Golden is a well known ski town nested at the bottom of a deep valley. Between the Kicking Horse Ski resort and numerous heli skiing businesses, John and I would have had many skiing options around town if not for the fact that we were there a month too early. Well, lucky for us, many of the area sports enthusiasts also enjoy mountain biking and many trails were available for us to enjoy.

Our Sero Story subject Jan Kotyk also showed us some flowy trails he enjoys riding with his son.

As the snow line was receding in front of our eyes, we kept driving further in the interior and over Rogers pass to another famous ski town, Revelstoke. Having a few good friends in town, we spent a few days there to enjoy the good company. We ended up meeting local mountain bike enthusiast and guiding business owner Matt Yaki who showed us some of his favourite trails and shared with us his jazzy story.

After seeing so much of the ragged beauties of the mountains, we decided it was time to hit the Okanagan valley where milder and dryer weather would make it a little easier on us. Vernon was fun with the massive Kalamalka lake to paddle on righ in the middle of the city and good biking trails around. It felt good to paddle again.


And we got to meet with larger than life athlete and lovely human being Lina Augustis. She had been back from the Fiji ISA SUP and Paddleboard Championship for less than 48 hours, was back at work and caring for a delicious 8 months old little man. Yet, she found time to meet with us and we had the pleasure to share a meal with her and her family for her welcome back party. What a blast.

After visiting Vernon Community School and seeing first had how awesomely different our education can be, we left town for Kelowna. More lakes, more stand-up paddling and more fun with friends. We visited the local paddling club and featured the story of Tamlyn Böhm who runs the place. I even got to go on a sweet ride in an OC-6.

Unfortunately, it’s also where John broke his bike… It was quite frustrating since our next destination, Penticton, had so many trails waiting for us. To bad, we’ll have to go back another time to try them out. That left us with enough time to meet up with Josh Shulman and hit the slope for the first time in the season at Mount Baldy just before heading to Washington State for a week.

We spent some quality time with the KAVU team while in Seattle and met up with SUP enthusiast Troy Nebeker for a Sero Story. Coming back from a week of American fun, we spent a few days in Vancouver resting and checking out a few of the city’s landmarks and attractions. We had a beach campfire with @ramblin.lucille, visited Stanley park, Granville Island, Wreck beach and the Jug Island Trail in Belcarra Regional Park. We also made our way North and spent some time in the snow with Katie Ramey in Whistler and Squamish. What a blast! Then, we had the chance to met up with old and new friends for the Christmas celebrations before moving on to the last part of the country on our list – Vancouver Island. Check out our 2016 recap here!

We’ll update you on the wonderful time we had on the island in the next blog. We hope you enjoyed traveling along!


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