The van is coming along. There has been a lot of time and work put into it and she is starting to get close. Almost every mechanical aspect has been looked at and replaced or repaired. She was far more tired then we first thought.


We started with a tear down. Out came the motor, transmission, all the lines, shocks, control arms and pretty much everything else under the van.


We are keeping the original motor but replacing many parts of it such as the oil pump, thermostat housing, fuel rails, sparks, fuel injectors and more.

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We also had to purchase a rebuilt transaxle from GoWesty. It wasn’t in the plan but much needed.


Each corner has also been rebuilt and upgraded. We added a 1.5 inch lift as well as HD brakes to help with the increased weight.

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All the lines, have also been replaced. We still have lots of work to do before she will run again but she is getting close. We are excited to hear that motor start shortly!


Special thanks to the amazing folks at GoWesty and Adam at Diesel Rover for all the help with this part of the project.

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