We often get asked “where are you headed next?” But we never plan too far ahead. We do have a rough itinerary planned, but are flexible and allow things to change if great opportunities present themselves.

That is exactly what happened last week when our good friends at GoWesty shot us a message. They told us about this rad event in Asheville NC and suggested we go.

As many of you know though, we just left Asheville a few weeks ago. We actually just posted one of two of our Asheville #SeroStories.

I got my trusty map out and looked at what the detour would be. We were in Chipley FL and looking to jump to Taos NM. We I was surprised to see the detour through North Carolina only added 500 miles. So why not! After all the event, which is Asheville Van Life Rally on September 28th, 2017 looks amazing!

So northbound we head, again. We plan to make a little pit stop in Columbus GA to check out the whitewater park on our way, then to Asheville for more mountain biking!

After Van Life Rally, we will start heading west towards Taos, through Tennessee and Arkansas. If you have suggestions of places or people we should meet in those states, please leave them in the comments.

Also, let us know if you plan to attend Asheville Van Life Rally! It is free and open to the public. And rumour has it, we’ll have some GoWesty swag to give out, so make sure to come say hi!



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