Nova Scotia welcomed us like she had been waiting for us all year! Blue sky, warm sun, warm days and cool nights. It’s like she wanted us to stay forever…and we almost did. We got off the ferry in North Sydney on June 19th pretty excited to discover this beautiful place. Both John and I had been to various areas of the province for work but never had the chance to discover the place on our own terms so we made sure to make the most of our time here.


We dedicated our first part of the trip to explore Cape Breton and drive around the Cabot Trail. The drive was scenic with ocean views every corner. The Westy was surprisingly good in the hills but we were happy the roads were not too busy because people would have had to wait behind us as we climbed them at 30 km/h.


We stopped for a picnic at the Smokey Mountain Lookout. There was a trail there and based on reviews read, we decided to give it a try on our bikes. It wasn’t the best idea and although I would recommend the trail, I would tell you it’s better to stay on your feet and hike it.

We camped on a beautiful beach while there and on our way out, we stopped at the Frog Pond Cafe in Cheticamp. I would definitely recommend anyone to stop there for great coffee, scones, and a little bit of the magic this place has to offer.


Our next step after being on the Cape was the Halifax area. We stayed a couple of days there, enjoying the good company, the surf around Lawrencetown and wrapping up our first Nova Scotia story.


After a couple of days around the Capital, we headed for the South shore loop but not without stopping at East Coast Outfitters for a paddle. It was a great afternoon for it and made my first time in a sea kayak memorable.


We were able to find a couple more nice surf mornings on the south shore with smooth beach breaks so I could easily play around. We had lots of fun. We stopped in Mahone Bay to spend a little bit of time with our friend AJ. She showed us around and made us discover a Haskap berry farm where we found some delicious Jalapeño Haskap Relish and took us on a hike at Gaff Point. Memorable times.

We also found our next Sero Story in Shelbourne. Keep an eye out for it next Tuesday.

There are a lot of beautiful quiet sandy beaches you can find all over the shore and Rain had a great time running around the open spaces.

Our next stop was Wolfville, the picturesque little University town. We had a good time there meeting with our last Nova Scotia story and spending some time wandering around, biking the local trails before heading back towards Halifax.


On our way, we stooped for a rest day in Card Lake where we paddled around, camped and made Canada Day pancakes! We were back in Halifax just in time to see the holiday fireworks.

We spent a little more time around Halifax where we surfed a little more, tried out the local mountain bike trails and paddled with Canoe Kayak Nova Scotia after getting a lesson from Marc Richard from KayakNS.


We spent a last quiet day in the province in Pictou County before taking the ferry to PEI, the last province neither John or I had been to. So long Nova Scotia, it was awesome. Can’t wait to be back.

Nova Scotia recap:

  • 2183 Km driven
  • 16 nights, all spent in the van!
  • 3 Sero Stories
  • 1 National Park
  • Wildlife encountered: Cormorans, jellyfish (too many), dolphins and whales, the biggest beaver EVER!
  • Canada Day fireworks
  • No breakdowns!
  • Loads of nice people that opened their houses for us to have a shower or make a load of laundry… Again!
  • John’s highlight: Dawn surf sessions
  • Tracy’s highlight: Getting a sweet paddling lesson with Marc Richard
  • Rain’s highlight: Running up and down mile long beaches.

#Found Sero


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  1. AJ Reply July 10, 2016 at 7:01 pm

    You forgot the seal, you saw a seal at Gaff Point!

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