Life is best when you sync yourself with nature. I’ve come to that realization recently after getting back from a majestic paddle in La Jolla, CA. I was sitting on a friend’s couch, working away on the computer. John, our friend – John also – and myself were commenting on how perfect our morning had been.

That morning, we woke up slowly, timed with the birds who’d also start their chirping with the sun’s blessing. While enjoying our morning brew, we noticed how beautiful the day was shaping up to be with a sky so blue and a sea so smooth they seemed to blend in together in the horizon. The calm sea did not call for fun surf, it screamed beauty and contemplation. So we loaded up paddle boards and headed to one of the most beautiful cove in the area.

We spent our morning on the water, being blown away by it’s beauty. The sandy beach where you put-in quickly turned into a gorgeous underwater reef full or life with water so clear you can see 30 feet down. That’s where the magic happens. We saw all kinds of fishes, some leopard sharks and the odd seal swimming around. We paddled over to and into a sea cave, then over to rock formations where more seals and sea lions hung out, sometimes allowing our company less than 10 feet from them.

We kept paddling around, sometimes in silent contemplation and awe, some other times voicing our excitement like if we were kids again.

We surfed a couple of one footers, then the wind slowly showed up, putting an end to our exploring.

Fast forward to an hour or two later, dry and fed, getting ready to start my work day, I look at my two accomplices and notice they were the same grin on their faces. As we make eye contact, I know exactly how they feel and why. They feel blessed, contentment and love. While we have this silent conversation, these words come out naturally. “Life is best when you sync yourself with nature.” I know it’s probably the most truthful things I have ever said, and I’m writing this, yes to share this moment with you but mostly, to never forget about it myself.


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