“Sometimes happiness is a feeling, sometimes it’s a decision.”

I wanted to write you a little piece about happiness and well-being. Like I always do before, I read a whole bunch to get some inspiration and be able to link an article you might find useful. I also read opposing ideas to help deepen my own reflection and come out with a more balanced point of view. Well, while I was looking to produce an inspiring and empowering text about ways to choose happiness, I fumbled upon this blog entry about how You can’t just just ‘choose happiness’!

I was definitely intrigued. After all, it went against what I was praising and thinking to be true… In my mind, happiness is a state of mind requiring work. Of course, you can be going through phases of your life where you feel at peace with yourself and the world, where contempt flows through freely. However, most of the time it requires some work. It requires forcing yourself out of bed some days, or planting a smile on your face convincing yourself that you can do it. It requires trust, self-love, resilience, forgiving yourself and others, making hard decisions and holding on until the storm passes. Despite all this or maybe because of it, I think we can and have to choose happiness. What other choice do we have? If we didn’t, none of us would make it through.

You can see why when I read the title of that article, I was ready to argue. No only do I think you can choose it, I think you have to. Well, you see, I was reading it wrong. The key word here is “just”. You can’t “just” choose happiness.

The point the author is making is not that it’s impossible or that you shouldn’t focus on the positive aspects of your life. She’s saying that it’s not as simple as choosing. It’s something you have to work on every day. It requires efforts, dedication, sometimes even therapy and medication. Some people, who have suffered trauma, might find the choice to be quite a difficult one but one sure thing is that the first step is… choosing! Without that decision, without that focus, the road might be too long, too hard.

With that in mind, I suggest you take the time to read it and maybe start thinking of ways you can work towards a better life for yourself. You deserve it.



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