Detour Announcement | Asheville Van Life Rally

September 18, 2017

We often get asked “where are you headed next?” But we never plan too far ahead. We do have a rough itinerary planned, but are flexible and allow things to change if great opportunities present themselves. That is exactly what happened last week when our good friends at GoWesty shot us a message. They told […]

Van Life | BC Recap | Vancouver Island

April 6, 2017

The New Year was right around the corner and after spending two weeks in and around Vancouver, we were starting to crave nature and remoteness again. A friend decided to go to Tofino for the holiday and John and I decided to join him. We had met Francois in Vancouver for a Sero Story and […]

Van Life | Quebec Recap

September 7, 2016

Quebec! The fifth province. Although we had a stretch of french speaking in the Acadian Peninsula, I was pretty excited to get back into French-land and John was worried he wouldn’t be able to communicate with anyone! Well it wasn’t that bad for him… And he got to learn a couple of words 😉We started […]

Van Life | PEI Recap

July 21, 2016

The Northcumberland Ferry took us from Nova Scotia to PEI first thing in the morning (we didn’t want to miss a thing!). The ride was smooth and short, especially compared to the 12 and 16 hours overnight rides to and from Newfoundland! We slowly started driving around the island counterclockwise. We stopped at OM Soap […]

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