Six months ago, when we first had the idea of a crowdfunding campaign for Searching for Sero, we had no idea about what we were getting into. Just like all our endeavours, it started with a brilliant idea. You tell yourself “Of course, that’s so simple!” Then inspiration and creativity jump on board and you end up six months later with a final product and a campaign of a magnitude you did not imagine. Far from complaining about it, we are simply surprised by the final result of the last months work. Intense work, to say the least but mostly passionate. However, those results are not what surprise us the most.


You! You amaze us! The generosity you have demonstrated moves us. Since the beginning of our adventure, your support has lifted us. Family, friends and strangers (now friends) show us day after day that the path we have all chosen is worthy of the time and energy we put in it. But you also have invested energy in this project. You told people around you about it. You wrote that email to this person you know that is, according to you, a perfect Sero ambassador. You engaged in the crowdfunding by donating or sharing our ideas. You have read and have been inspired by the different Sero Stories we have published. We know because you told us. You have, and continue to enrich the movement by posting your own adventures using the #FoundSero to spread happiness! To all those who take us further every day, we say thank you! You help making Searching for Sero possible !

Photo by Darren Brown

Photo by Darren Brown

Some of you played a bigger role by dedicating time and talents to help us. We have had help for the logo and business card design, filming and editing of the crowdfunding video, parts and knowledge to fix the Westy, nutrition to keep us going and so much more. We would not have been able to do these without you. You are part of the Searching for Sero team!


But those acknowledgements wouldn’t be complete without talking about those who trusted us to tell their story. They opened their hearts and were incredibly generous with us. Their stories may resemble yours; their stories resemble so many others. Through their stories, we had the chance to inspire you, to move you and ultimately to share Searching for Sero’s message. Theo, Gen, Dave, Josh, Kalob, Courtney, Todd, Cregg, you are an inspiration for us and for so many. You are Searching for Sero.


Also, a very personal thanks to those who pushed us out of our comfort zone, who inspired us to go out and chase our dreams and to build a world bigger than us. Rob, Sandra, Neil, you were more precious alive and since it is impossible to go back in time, we will move forward and try to serve your cause the best we can.

Finally, to all those who helped make is possible;

Kim Gibson, Kate & Lynne, Jean-Michel, Marco Guenard, Cathy Maggs, Jinnes, The Gilstein’s, A. Geiger-Whitlock, M Ripley, Mary Burns, Robert Stoehr, Shaun Smalldridge, Remy, Trevor Skip, Grahame Hamilton, Jeff Moore, L.P. Rivest, Regina, Liam Smedley, Ryan Rouleau, Joey Panetta, Marc Richard, Max Middlestadt, Quinn Brown, Ben Aylsworth, Richard VG, D. Prothero, Graeme Clancy, N Sareen, Christopher Lockyer, Lisa Fortin, Monique Sunstrum, Justin Tang, Kimberly Guenard, PWD Harding, Kathy Nichols, Tmanac_H, Mike Wiehl, Amy Tischler, Courtney Sinclair, RN Villeneauve, Sarah Leonard, NRWSTR, Brittany Morin, Trent Ostrander, Sara E, Zac Osmond, Julien Hotte, AJ Medic, Nick van Egmond, MP, Jackie Guillemette, Tom Farrell, Tiffers, Susan Hollingsworth Elliot, Giorgos Kallon, Richard Burley, Justin Alexander, Chris T, Chris Cormier, Simon Paine, ALZ Paddle, Christine R, CJ Harris, Alexandra Rutherford, Logan Grayling, Aaron Porter, Chistopher B, Parking Hilton, Al Parker, Chris Roussakis, Darren Brown, Theo v. Zyl, Bob Mulholland, Cedrick Guenard, Larry Norman, Meredith Brown, Bairn Boy, Standup Bandit, Etienne Green, Zack Boles, Tyler Riopelle, Garrett Brittain,  Guy H.B., Mark Horton, Devigabrielle, Audrey Despatis, Julie Rathwell, Phillip Liz, The Yantha’s, Forrester Holton, Josh Brose, Emily Veryard, Leif Anderson, Jennie, Tim Bevins, Erin Boucher, Jay Leroux, Ian Murchison, Drew Kulick, Sunshine Richardson, Meiko Taylor, Rachel Ware, Jeremy Hockin, Ryan Guay, Terri Bower, Bro Boots Houseboots, Phanie95, Jossoline, Ken Hoeve, Blair Gable, Slyforth94, Kayakbum16, Leslie Nanibush, Shannon Findlay, Smedley Canoe, Kayak_chick, Hannu Sotaniemi, K Davies, Laurie-Anne Perrault, Tim Irvin, inthebluermr, Mikael Guenard, Murray Lundberg, Chris Gragtmans, Khoa Tran, Bruce Cline, Ian Colbert, Louis Dionne, Kate Mulligan, Ray Daniel, David Nesbitt, Travis Comeau, Ken Whiting, Frederick Reimers, Mathieu Emond, Mickey Moore, Robyn Butler, Dave Brown of Ottawa Outdoors Magazine, E.R. Cooper, L. Corsius, David Duf, Jacquie Reeds, Marina, Amanda Foubert, Danielle Beaulne, Carole Guenard, Chit Aroni, Amanda, Greg Moore, Matt Hamilton, Bianca Lavallee, Gen Gagnon, Aghiles Khe, GoWesty, Joby, PROBAR, olloclip, Diesel Rover and all the other contributors that wish to remain unnamed. 

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  1. Laurie Reply December 22, 2016 at 3:27 am

    Hi this is Laurie Sero . You found me and I am moved by what your doing. Thanks

    • John Reply December 22, 2016 at 12:45 pm

      Thanks Laurie! It has been a pretty amazing journey so far!

  2. Laurie Reply April 11, 2017 at 11:47 pm

    So are y’all ok. Why y’all looking for me a sero?.

  3. Laurie sero Reply April 12, 2017 at 12:14 am

    I am still moved by what I read on your website . I just read it again and got it. And I have a learning disability so bear with me. I didn’t get it at first. But yes my real last name is Sero .lol I I totally thought you all were looking for me cause I had lost 90 pounds and still going along with believing in Jesus and living a life that I would want to leave a good lasting legacy of. I love giving my neighbors food especially Scotty in apartments down and the lady next door, but most of all I love helping my fiancé and taking care of him . He too has a disability . A heart condition . I can tell you more if you’d like. I give you my email as listed in the section you’ve provided.

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