If you didn’t get a chance to read our blog from last week, here is a short recap. Our engine is toast. We are getting a new one. As a result, we are broke (again) and need to switch our focus from Searching For Sero to finding work (again)!

Bill’s story was the last one we will post, at least for an indefinite amount of time. Hopefully we can still provide you with some inspiring photos when we find time to go on mini adventures!

The good news is that we do have more than enough content to publish the book, and still plan on having it ready for Christmas 2018. If we can get our engine paid off and some money in the bank before the end of winter, we will do a west coast leg of #SeroStories. If not, the plan will be to go straight into preparing the book.

We’ll keep you posted as things unfold but rest assured, we are fed, we are safe, we are warm and we have each other and your support to keep us motivated. #Vanlifeforlife

Much love!


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