Things don’t always go as planned. We have learnt that from several people we interviewed for Sero Stories. And when the left turn hits, you have two options. You can give in or you can assess the situation, make changes and get back on the horse.

When we posted Bad News the other week, we knew that was our left turn. We didn’t know what to do but we needed to put that blog out there to inform you and also see if it would help us find some clarity. Giving in was the last thing on our minds, but we didn’t have a plan to get back on that horse.

We feared the worse when we put the news out, but to our surprise we only received love, inspiration, understanding and helping hands back. All of that support gave us the strength and motivation to come up with our Plan B!

Number 1, our priority is still to finish what we have set to do. Our hearts and minds are dedicated to bringing you weekly inspiration of folks we meet that use outdoor adventure as a key to happiness in their lives and we can’t wait to wrap it all up in a photo book and donate the proceeds to charities working in suicide prevention. We are still aiming to have the book ready for Christmas 2018!

Here is our Plan B. Once we wrap up the Canadian leg, both Tracy and I will put our heads down and work for about 4 months. Both of us have leads on potential contracts so our fingers are crossed that it goes through. That will mean SFS will have a mid February to mid June break.

During this time we are going to be asking of you, our awesome fans to share your own Sero Stories and adventures! We will share those in hopes to keep people inspired during the break. We will give you more information on submitting stories soon but you can already start thinking about how you want to inspire others!

We will also keep everyone up to date about what we are up to, and the exciting adventures we get up to while working.

Once we have secured more funds, we will hit the road again for a year to bring you stories from Vermont all the way to Florida, across to California and ending in Seattle in Spring 2018!

We hope you guys understand and hope you will stick with us for the break. We are so excited to read your stories once we have submissions open! So many of you have already shared amazing stories with us without us being able to put it out there. That will be the perfect time!

We owe a huge thanks to all our sponsors for understanding and hanging on for the ride with us.

We owe an ever bigger thanks for all the support and words of encouragement you all sent in. We love you! You make the search for sero a life discovery!


-John and Tracy

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  1. AJ Reply December 16, 2016 at 2:19 pm

    This is awesome news!!! So, happy you have found a way to continue an amazing project. I may start looking for some ways to get out more in a season that I don’t like in order to find my Sero!

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