Who would have thought. A gruelling year of hard work and planning. The detail was missed in terms of preparation, but that may be our achilles heel now.

As many of you know, we were hoping to leave Ottawa after our Send-Off Party on May 3rd. Well, that date has passed and we are still here. Why is that?

I got to know the GoWesty website really well over the past year. More parts on order!

I got to know the GoWesty website really well over the past year. More parts on order!

Well anyone that came to the Send-Off Party is well aware that we still have some work to do on the van. We have worked so hard on it over the last 9 months now. The amazing teams at GoWesty, Hunt Club Volkswagen and Diesel Rover have all hustled to get us on the road on time and ensure the van is perfect. Getting the van perfect is where our main factor for the delay lays. These old VW’s are finicky and it is not easy to get them perfect. We had ours stripped down of every single mechanical part and fully rebuilt. We are so close to perfect now that we think it is worth delaying the the project for two weeks to get it there.

Pretty much every mechanical part stripped from the van.

Pretty much every mechanical part stripped from the van.

The hope is that this extra work will help prevent any catastrophic breakdown during the first leg of the project, and in the long run save us from a much longer delay. Fingers crossed that it works out that way.

This departure delay has also forced us into the very tough decision of cancelling the northern Canada leg of our project. With the last ferry out of Juno AK leaving September 1st, we think it will just be too big of a rush to get across the country. That being said, we really hope to get up there at some point, rather it be a shorter route without the ferry this summer, or saving it for a future summer. Who knows, if things go really well after our original route plan, we may look at spending the entire summer of 2018 up there. It is so big and beautiful with so many amazing people and Sero Stories that it likely deserves that kind of time and attention.

The new project timeline looks something like:

  • May 16: Depart Ottawa ON
  • May 21: Arrive in St. John’s NF
  • May 24: Publish first Sero Story
  • June: Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and PEI
  • July: New Brunswick and Quebec
  • August: Ontario
  • September: Manitoba, Saskatchewan
  • October: Alberta
  • November/December: Interior BC
  • January/February: Coastal BC
  • March/April: Vancouver Island
  • May 2017 to May 2018 – USA
The original route plan.

The original route plan.

We want of apologize to all our fans and followers for this delay. We thank you for your patience while we get this show on the road. We are so truly excited start sharing Sero Stories with you all and are 100% dedicated to Searching For Sero.


The van as of now.

Time to put our heads down and get back to work though. It is the only way things will get done.


John and Tracy



  1. AJ Reply May 5, 2016 at 6:26 pm

    I think you have made a difficult but wise decision. Much easier to get the van perfect in a place that knows the van the best. Still looking forward to meeting you when you make it to Nova Scotia. Wishing you luck and safe travels when you are able to get under way.

    • John Reply May 6, 2016 at 9:02 am

      We hope so. It was a tough call. We want this project to get started! Breakdowns on the road will only set us back farther though! Thanks for the support!

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