When your plans get changed, you can do one of two things. You can be mad and complain that things aren’t going to work out, or you can embrace that change and make a bigger and better plan.

A change of plans... for other reasons.

A change of plans… for other reasons.

The second is what we have chosen to do. Tracy and I received a news that required us to be back in Ontario for a family event in May 2017. That news puts a stick in our spokes as we had planned on working our way down the west coast of the US by then.

We had to put our thinking caps on to make the best of the situation. Tracy posed the question of “what if we change our plans from a big circle into a figure 8?”

A shot from the start, back in Newfoundland.

A shot from the start, back in Newfoundland.

The original route had us excluding the northern US states, but the new route have them back on our radar! Once we make our way across Canada, ending on Vancouver Island, we will dive down to Washington and start heading back east. We will work our way across Idaho, Wyoming, North Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin continuing our weekly Sero Stories.

After the event in May, we will continue our regular route, but in reverse order. So we will begin in the North East US and work our way down to the South East. Back across west to California and officially end the project in Washington in Spring 2018.

Looking forward to the big praire skies again!

Looking forward to the big praire skies again!

So maybe this little detour is a big one, but we think it is for the best! It will allow us to cover a little more ground and some extra states, which is pretty exciting. Looking forward to sharing these experiences with you!



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  1. Mary Reply November 11, 2016 at 1:45 pm

    I personally am glad to know you two will be home in May! Totally selfish on my part.

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