Editors Note: A massive thanks is owed to Zachary Osmond for designing the perfect logo for Searching For Sero. You must also know, that not only is Zac an amazing graphic designer, but also has a deep passion for working with leathers and waxed cotton. He makes some pretty amazing products, you should check them out at or @osmondbrosmfg on Instagram

Zac Osmond - Osmond Bros

Zac Osmond poses for a portrait in his shop.

Brunch with an old friend. These days for me that usually means somewhat forced small talk that leans more towards the mundane. No offence old friends, but we all know how it goes…

“So what’s new with you these days?”

“Oh, not much. [Insert updates on work, kids, house here]. Blah blah blah…”

Again, no offence to my friends. Hell, I’m knee deep in a day-job, baby stuff, and a house to-do list a mile long. It’s all I talk about too.

Brunch with Johnny on the other hand?

“It’s been a while Johnny! What’s new with you these days?”

“Oh, not much. We’re selling the condo. I’m trading in the car for a Vanagon and we’re gonna traverse the continent photographing and chronicling the lives of unique individuals who are driven by finding happiness through adventure sports.”

Oh, is that all?

The Osmond Brothers Mfg. Tool Roll, designed and manufactured by Zac Osmond

The Osmond Brothers Mfg. Tool Bag, designed and manufactured by Zac Osmond.

John has always been a source of inspiration for me, and I often wish I shared more of his “throw caution to the wind” mentality. So when he unleashed this on me, I was immediately entranced.  He then asked me to design a logo for the project, and I was all-in. I was honoured to play some small part in this endeavor. An invite to tag along would’ve been nice too Johnny. Oh right…work, baby, house…nevermind.

I usually look at things rationally. Scientifically. So my first step in the logo design was to go to the core of what John, and his subjects were after.

Zac Osmond

Zac Osmond finished the edge of a wallet in progress in his shop.

Sero. Short for serotonin. An ancient neurotransmitter that is most commonly associated with feelings of happiness and well-being. Basically the neurotransmitter that would be wearing a tie-dyed t-shirt, huge smile, totally zenned out, cruising around on a yoga mat magic carpet while whistling Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry Be Happy”. Oh, and chocolate. It would totally be stuffing it’s face with chocolate…

Anyway, after doing some research on this hippie neurotransmitter, I came across the structural formula, a drawing that shows the molecule and its bonds in the simplest form visually. Turns out, the molecular structure of serotonin displays in such a way that on its own is visually striking. The bulk of the molecule consists of a hexagon and a pentagon, with a few double bonds within. Thanks modern chemistry! You did the designing for me!


Oh, I’m totally ripping you off.

From this I compiled some iterations, played with the placement and spacing until I came up with a variety of concepts that John picked from and we tweaked slightly. A simple logo, with some hidden meaning that goes to the core of the premise of the project. That’s success in my mind!

Glad I could help out Johnny. Good luck with your travels, and let me know next time you want to grab brunch!

The final Searching For Sero Logo created by Zac Osmond

The final Searching For Sero Logo created by Zac Osmond.

– Zac

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