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Searching For Sero is about many things. Our focus of course is on happiness and outdoor adventure…but the back bone of the project is creativity. Even though we don’t talk about it as much, we believe creativity is just as important in helping keep our serotonin levels up as outdoor adventure and healthy eating is.

That is why we also want we want to do creative collaborations!

If you are a creative and would like to join us on any leg of the trip (up to 1 week), we should chat! Rather you are a visual artist, videographer, musician, writer or even another photographer we are keen to work together and push each other creatively.

We have travel and sleep room for you in the van, as well as a bit of storage. Things will be tight though, so pack light!

All we ask for in the end, is that you write a guest blog post for Searching For Sero. Share your experience and what you created to both your follows and ours! Your creative work is all yours to do what you would like with!

Still interested? Here are our 3 main requirements;

  • Pack light – One 60 litre pack or two 30 litre packs
  • Cover your own expenses – We will be putting fuel in the tank, but food, camping and other expenses are on you
  • Write a blog – Share your experience, and the work you created on our blog

If you are interested in joining us for a bit, please send an application explaining why, when and where you would like to join us, as well as a link to your portfolio to:


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