Van Life | Quebec Recap

September 7, 2016

Quebec! The fifth province. Although we had a stretch of french speaking in the Acadian Peninsula, I was pretty excited to get back into French-land and John was worried he wouldn’t be able to communicate with anyone! Well it wasn’t that bad for him… And he got to learn a couple of words 😉We started […]

Van Life | New Brunswick Recap

July 25, 2016

As the excitement of driving over the Confederation Bridge diminished, time came to create our New Brunswick plan. It didn’t seem easy because New Brunswick’s nickname is the “Drive Through Province.” What does it actually have to offer? Should we just drive through? It would help us catch up to our planned schedule. We didn’t […]

Van Life | PEI Recap

July 21, 2016

The Northcumberland Ferry took us from Nova Scotia to PEI first thing in the morning (we didn’t want to miss a thing!). The ride was smooth and short, especially compared to the 12 and 16 hours overnight rides to and from Newfoundland! We slowly started driving around the island counterclockwise. We stopped at OM Soap […]

Van Life | Nova Scotia Recap

July 9, 2016

Nova Scotia welcomed us like she had been waiting for us all year! Blue sky, warm sun, warm days and cool nights. It’s like she wanted us to stay forever…and we almost did. We got off the ferry in North Sydney on June 19th pretty excited to discover this beautiful place. Both John and I […]

Van Life | Three Epic Weeks on The Rock

June 19, 2016

John and I have traveled a fair bit but Newfoundland was one of the two province we hadn’t been to. We were both equally excited to get the project going but mostly to discover what “The Rock” had to offer and we were not disappointed. Our first few days in Corner Brook were great. We […]

Van Life: Iceberg Hunting

June 9, 2016

Tracy and I left the protected coast line of Gros Morne for the open and exposed northern shore a couple days ago with one purpose. We had some hope of finding a Sero Story in one of the small remote towns, but didn’t have any leads, so we continued our journey north-east in search of massive […]

Van Life | Gros Morne Nation Park

June 8, 2016

On June first, we left Corner Brook’s hospitality for the wilderness of Gros Morne National Park. Both John and I were really excited to get there. We stopped at the entrance of the park to get our Discovery Pass. It will allow us to enter any of Parks Canada National Park and National Historic Sites […]

Van Life | Discovering Van Time

May 30, 2016

If you follow any of our social media channels you probably noticed that we’ve finally left Ottawa. After a year of planning, an amazing crowdfunding campaign, a complete Westy restoration and some mechanical issues delaying our departure, we started driving East on May 22nd. The first day was a practice day! We made it all […]

Van Life | 10 Things I Learnt From Buying a Westfalia in Canada

May 7, 2016

There is no question that buying a VW Westfalia is pretty dreamy, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t caught up in the dream. It didn’t take long for me to awaken from that dream. Starting in the late winter 2014/15 I started browsing classified ads for Westy’s all over Ontario and […]

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