Van Life | Less Is More

July 7, 2017

The first thing most people say when they pop their heads in our van is “I can’t believe how clean it is”. We always respond, “well we need to keep it clean, it makes life way easier”. Over a year ago when we first packed the van, we packed it to the brim. All the […]

Van Life | BC Recap | Vancouver Island

April 6, 2017

The New Year was right around the corner and after spending two weeks in and around Vancouver, we were starting to crave nature and remoteness again. A friend decided to go to Tofino for the holiday and John and I decided to join him. We had met Francois in Vancouver for a Sero Story and […]

Van Life | Our Solar Setup

January 6, 2017

We have a few #vanlife questions that always come up, either in person or through messages on social media or email. Some of them are “where do you poop?”, “how do you deal with winter in the van?”, but most commonly we get asked about our solar setup. While we do love receiving messages and helping people […]

Van Life | Prairies Recap

December 10, 2016

Oh the Canadian Prairies! Where the Transcanadian highway becomes this never ending straight line through crops of all colours. We were dreading the crossing because, like most Canadiens, we don’t know our Prairies well and it is easy to stick to the cliche of a flat boring land. We rolled into Winnipeg just as the fall […]

Van Life | Traveling For People

November 17, 2016

Places, places, places. It is what traveling is all about. It’s what we get excited for. The snow peaked mountain tops, the bright blue ocean, the tall green trees. We all dream about it. We all dream about the escape. There is no hiding the fact that when we left Ottawa last May, the excitement that […]

Van Life | Home Is Not Where You Park It

October 23, 2016

“Home is where you park it” or so they say in the #vanlife community. It’s cute isn’t it? It makes you think of stunning remote campsites by the lake with breathtaking sunrises where you feel you are the only one on Earth, lucky enough to see it’s beauty. What if it meant city lights or sleeping […]

Van Life | Ontario Recap

September 28, 2016

Ontario! There was no better way to explore this gorgeous province than by spending a couple of days in the Ottawa valley. The area was not new to us. John has years of paddling the Ottawa river behind his PFD and he introduced me to the beauties of the place not long after we started […]

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