One of the number one questions we get asked is “why don’t you do videos on the people you meet?”

Well, we have thought about that long and hard, well before we hit the road and started the project. We thought about the extra value it would bring to the project, the visual appeal, the potential for videos to go viral and more.

But we decided against it. We decided to stick to short photo stories. And here is why.

The Interview Process

When we sit down with #SeroStory subjects, they typically aren’t pro athletes, they are everyday people just like you and I, and they aren’t use to being micd up with a video camera rolling in their face. Just think of how different you would talk if you were telling us why you love outdoor sports, how it makes you feel and so on. You may just be a little more reserved on film. A little more closed down.

When we sit down for an interview, we do record the audio, but that is just for pulling quotes. It is more of a conversation. We get off topic. We share stories. We laugh.

We truly believe by using this approach, and without video that the stories we are getting are much more honest.

Deeper Engagement 

We also hope that by reading these peoples’ stories, instead of watching a film, that it engages you guys, our readers a little more. It’s easy to be a little mindless during a film, but if you are reading, you have to be aware of the words in front of you eyes. Sure you have to work a little harder to read, but we hope because of that you take more from it and that some of those inspirational quotes sink in a little deeper.

Our Passions 

For myself, photography is my passion. It is my love. I do enjoy a great film assignment, I have done many, but there is something special to me about a photograph. A moment in time to capture a person in a portrait, or a decisive moment in action. I believe it goes along with the last point as well. To get the most out of a photograph you have to be a little more engaged. You have to stop and take it in. Look around, look into the subjects eyes, think about it.

The Final Product 

The end goal of Searching For Sero is photo book in which the proceeds to go charities working in suicide prevention. Technology is getting pretty advanced, but we still haven’t reached the days where we can have video in a coffee table book. There is a tangible quality to a book that is quite special. Hopefully, people will feel like looking at it numerous times. Hopefully, by just sitting on the living room table, it will spark up interesting conversations and be a source of motivation.

These are some of the reason for doing things the way we are doing them and we hope you continue enjoying the stories we collect for you!



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