When Tracy and I started Searching For Sero, it was motivated by a deep desire to talk through issues important to us. Mental health, mental wellness, suicide, happiness, all those topics had become so crucial for us as we tried to deal with the loss of Tracy’s aunt and my father from suicide.

It took a year for us to plan the project and get the van ready before we could hit the road for a year across Canada and another one in the US. We met amazing people through our search for Sero Stories.

Each and every person we talked to brought us a little (or big) piece of clarity, which we are extremely thankful for. We also hope the stories brought others some insight.

Something changed a few months ago though. Our motivation began to dwindle for this project we worked so hard to complete and promote.

It took us some time (and some surfing) to really reflect on why that was, and our conclusion in a way surprised us.

Being inspired by Searching for Sero fired us up and motivated us at a time where everything else seemed fickle and meaningless. Then, while on the road, we discovered a renewed appetite for life. All the lessons taught by the SeroStories renewed our faith in our ability to live to the fullest. The true power of the project, we realized, was in how it allowed us to grieve and cope. And, in a way we now feel we are over that hurdle.

It’s still hard to think about our loses, but it’s hard in a different way now. It’s no longer that same process. It’s a different stage. I’m not sure exactly what yet, but it just is.

It has left us in a position again of what to do next and what turn to take. That question still needs to be answered, but we are in no rush.

We do know one thing though. We spent the last couple months reflecting on it and focusing on our own happiness and serotonin levels, and it sure felt good. It felt like us. Again.


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