First off, what a night! Thank you to everyone that made it possible and thank you to everyone that were able to make it! We are surrounded by amazing people.


The day was a little crazy and started off by MC Matt Hamilton picking me up early in the morning to head to Diesel Rover to see if Adam, Matt and myself could figure out our running issue. Tracy, on the other end was left with taking care of the shopping all the other organization needs for the party. It took most of the day, but at the very end, we figured out that a bad ground to our ECU was the issue. Right on the cutoff line of 4pm, we had resolved the issue and would be able to get the van to the Send-Off Party at Dominion City Brewing Co. Tracy didn’t even know until we arrived the van would make it!


While still not complete, we figured it was close enough to let everyone that was coming check out. If you couldn’t make it, here are a few pictures so you can see it too. Welcome to our new home!

RathwellJ-160429-6657 RathwellJ-160429-6658 RathwellJ-160429-6669

Well, on with the party details. We had so many things going on and so many people show up. We totally packed Dominion City Brewing Co. It was amazing. We wish we had more time to speak with each and everyone of you. We hope you had a good time, met great peeps and enjoyed amazing beer…it was great beer wasn’t it? I hope you took the opportunity to leave with some growlers!


The evening started off with the silent auction. There was some pretty sweet stuff up for grabs such as Yantha Maple Syrup (literally sweet), some amazing art by Jamie Jessup and Marcus Lamoureux, and more by Forsake, Joby, Lowepro, Canvas Pop, Pontiac Tourism, KAVU, PROBAR, Deuter, Hunt Club VW and more! Thank you to all the amazing companies that helped out and donated items!


RathwellJ-160429-6769RathwellJ-160429-6685 RathwellJ-160429-6689 RathwellJ-160429-6696


Not the only VW camper at the send-off party!

It also didn’t take long for gear to be taken off the van and used. Nick from Northman Co. asked me within minutes of arriving to borrow my bike to attempt a grab in the parking lot beside the brewery. How do you say no to that! Especially at sunset.

RathwellJ-160429-6726 RathwellJ-160429-6751 RathwellJ-160429-6761 RathwellJ-160429-6763

We owe a huge thanks to DJ Nanouche for entertaining us for the night as well. Amazing tunes!
RathwellJ-160429-6774 RathwellJ-160429-6784 RathwellJ-160429-6790 RathwellJ-160429-6791 RathwellJ-160429-6802 RathwellJ-160429-6812

The night wrapped up with the guess the weight of the van 50/50 contest. The winner was Jake Yantha with his guess of 6400lbs, just 100lbs below his fathers guess. The van weighed in at a staggering 6420 lbs. The Yantha’s donated their portion back into the project. Thank you so much for the support!

We were so stoked and your presence and good vibe at the party just energized us so much. You are the best friends, family and followers we could ask for.

RathwellJ-160429-6814 RathwellJ-160429-6826

We are so excited to hit the road and start Searching For Sero now. We still have a few bugs to work out on the van, but we are getting very close. Our planned take off date of May 6th, may end up getting pushed back a little but we want to ensure we can hit the road and be as problem free as possible. So please bear with us while we figure out the last remaining mechanical problems and we will get this project officially started soon!


John and Tracy

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