We have been moving non-stop since arriving in Vancouver. Catching up with old friends and meeting up new ones. Yesterday we had the opportunity to swing by and check out the Momentum Watch Office. We had been wearing their watches for a year and love them, so we decided to take an inside look.

Their office is in a quiet area in Vancouver, tucked away in a beautiful home, but inside is anything but quiet. Folks are buzzing around everywhere, working on new designs, packing watches to ship out and assembling and repairing in house.

Watch repair and assembly.

The assembly and repair is what was the most interesting to us. We live in such a disposable society, and watches are one of the first thing we toss when the battery goes, or something else malfunctions. Watchmaking is a lost art. Momentum had spare parts for pretty much every watch they manufactured since the 80’s laying around and were able to fix anything.

While there, I mentioned the giant scratch I had put on the face of my watch while shooting the DH World Cup at Mont Ste. Anne.

Steve Smith Drop

I was walking down the course when I feel and scratched my watch face on granite.

Within seconds, the watchmakers had my watch fully apart and the old face out.

 While my watch was apart, we also took the opportunity to do a little custom engraving on the back of it.

Not only did they change my watch face but upgraded it to a Sapphire crystal watch face. The glass is scratch resistant so next time I fall it won’t be damaged.

We put the Sapphire to the test, grabbing some tools and seeing what damage we could do. Not a mark. It is remarkable the difference between the usual Mineral crystal and the Sapphire upgrade and in my opinion, pretty essential if you are active and intend to keep your watch for a long time.


Tracy saw my engraving and decided to get hers done as well.

Thank you for the great tour and repair Momentum! It is so cool to see products that can be repaired instead of replaced these days.

We wrapped up our evening in Vancouver with a little beach fire and meeting our new friend and future vanlifer, Rumblin Lucille. An epic end to an epic day.



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