We are in one of Canada’s biggest cities. All around this city is epic adventure, but right in the middle of it is nothing but concrete and tall buildings.

Tracy and I decided we needed a little serotonin boost between work days here in Vancouver. Luckily this city is surrounded by water and has a number of great beaches. We had already checked out a couple, but many of our followers suggested to check out Wreck Beach.

The other side of the sign says “Clothing optional beyond this point”

Wreck Beach is no secret. It is one of the only nude beaches left in Canada (don’t worry, we kept our clothes on for this blog). Another thing that makes the beach so special is the adventure to get to it. There is no beach side parking. No easy access. The beach is tucked away, out of sight, below a massive cliff (need to hide all these naked people right!).

The stairs.

City streets lead way to a long staircase that takes you through some pretty amazing rainforest.  It only takes a few steps down before you are engulfed in nature and feel far from cars, buses and tall buildings.

Now anyone that knows us, knows we aren’t the type to just sit on a beach. We look for a little more. Adventure or exploring. We decided this was the perfect adventure for the Surftech AT10 Scout inflatable standup board.

Getting ready to paddle.

Getting to the beach is just long enough and steep enough that getting a hard board down there wouldn’t be much fun. This is where the inflatable is awesome. We just threw the board and paddle up on our back, and carried it down in the bag it comes in.

The board takes about 5 minutes to inflate thanks to the great pump it comes with. The pump is small, but has 2 settings. High volume and high pressure. You can quickly get air into the board and flip the pump over to high pressure for the last few pumps to get it firmed up.

Pump, pump, pump.

Once we had the board inflated, we hit the water. I explored to the north of the beach, paddling through rock gardens, steep cliffs and some interesting sea currents that keep you on your toes.

Making the most of winter solstice sunsets.

As you continue north around the point, past some large cliffs and landslides, you can start to see the tall buildings of downtown again. That is where I turned around.

I headed back to the beach and passed the board off to Tracy.

Tracy decided to head south, towards the log piles in search of seals.

She found about 10 seals sitting up on the logs, sun bathing in the winter sun. They even started following her once she paddled away. The 2 dots behind her are seals!

See the seals?

RainDog really felt like she was missing out, so Tracy came back to pick her up for a little ride. She has made a great SUP pup and will typically sit down just in front of us and enjoy the ride.

All in all, paddling down at Wreck Beach was a pretty amazing way to spend winter solstice. We hope you got outside and made the most of the shortest day of the year too. Let us know what adventures you got up to in the comments below!



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