When we left Lawrencetown NS last week, I got out of the water and strapped our boards to the roof of the van thinking about how it would be my last time surfing until we hit the west coast. Sure PEI, Newbrunswick and Gaspesie QC area get a bit of surf, but the likelihood is low.


When we got off the ferry on PEI, I messaged my friend Jarrod to make plans. He said to meet him up in Mount Stewart at 4:30 for a surf session. I was stoked. Until I looked at the map. There was no way Mount Stewart offered any surf.

We arrived at the meeting spot, well inland, at the end of a residential road, beside a calm river. Jarrod said “Gear up, let’s go surfing!”


We headed down an old railway track, crawled through a mud flat and put in on this river, still calm.

But within minutes, a small flow started to come through from under the bridge. We started playing around in the current, ferrying back and forth.


The speed and strength continued to build as the tide came in. Finally a small wave appeared under the bridge. We jumped on and started surfing it.

Over the next hour the wave continued to grow and became more and more fun. I was surfing my SUP and Jarrod his sea kayak.

We decided to switch crafts for a bit. I had never surfed a sea kayak, and Jarrod had never surfed a SUP.


My first time crossing the eddy line in the kayak, I blasted right across to the other side. Once the ferry angle is set, there is no changing it. I tried again with less angle.


Next thing I know, I was on the wave, surfing this massive boat. So much fun. Totally different then in a short boat.

Jarrod tried on the SUP next and established a couple of surfs from his knees. Pretty good for the first time.


As the water level above and below the bridge evened out, the wave slowly started disappearing. Jarrod said to me that that was likely the first time a SUP has surfed that wave.

We owe Jarrod and his family a huge thanks for showing us an amazing evening in Mount Stewart and inviting us over of a great dinner.


We can’t wait to come back and surf The Stew with you again!




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