We don’t really plan our route. Local knowledge moves us from one location to the next, typically with pretty good outcomes. Last week however, we found ourselves in a bit of a dead end. Locals didn’t know where to send us next, because there were too many great options.

I decided to jump on the “TrailForks” app to see what there was for mountain biking around us. I am still stoked to ride my new Knolly Endorphin, so trails seemed like the best plan to me.

As I scrolled around the app, I found a massive cluster of trails near Pittsfield MA. Funny, because when I was checking for trails, we were in Pittsfield VT. There was enough trails around town that we figured something good must be happening there. Let’s just go and ride the trails.

We drove from Pittsfield to Pittsfield and ended up a Berkshire Bike and Board to gather some beta on the trail network and order some new pedals. Chris at the desk told us “Yeah, those trails are good, but where you really need to ride is Beebe Hill in New York!”

Luckily, the CCMBA had a group ride that night, so we headed 30 minutes west to join them.

Folks started showing up and long travel mountain bikes got pulled out of old pickup trucks. There were more plaid shirts than spandex, so I figured these trails must be good.

The “social” ride started with a climb but led to some fast downhills with perfect turns and lots of opportunity to take to the air. The single track was always narrow, but the flow let you carry as much speed as you were willing to.

We also encountered some great rock features, whoops, berms, technical roots and pretty much every type of feature you can squeeze into one forest of single track.

The CCMBA volunteers have done an amazing job building this “off the beaten path” trail network near Chatham NY, and while these trails should likely get more attention, the beauty of the place is truly in the tight knit, friendly community of locals.

Thanks for showing us around your amazing trails CCMBA. Can’t wait to ride there again!


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  1. Jeanne Reply July 29, 2017 at 1:00 pm

    Hi I’m Owen Poland’s mother and I just want to add that my grandchildren helped build those trails. Am so proud of them all!

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