People that know me, may have been pretty surprised to see pictures of the van, all packed up for the road but with one key part of my life missing. Kayaks. For the past 13 years of my life, kayaking has been a staple. An outlet for fun, travel, friends and serotonin, but just because I didn’t bring any kayaks, doesn’t mean it will be keeping me off the water.

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of getting out on a short trip with East Coast Outfitters in Terence Bay NS. While whitewater was always more my thing, I never turn down an opportunity to get on the water. I had only ever been in a sea kayak (on the sea) once before as well, so I knew it would be a great adventure and experience. Tracy had never been in a kayak, so she was in for a bit of learning as well!


East Coast Outfitters is located near the end of the road in a grand inlet, not far from Peggy’s Cove. Upon arrival, we were greeted by the amazing staff and our guide Colin. He showed us around the beautiful wooden structure property before heading down to the dock to outfit our boats for the adventure.

While at the dock we planned a little route to take that would explore the variety of islands, channels and open stretches the area had to offer.


Once on the water, the true beauty of the place comes out. You dodge between wind protected island and open water waves soon after leaving the dock. Once you have made the crossing you are rewarded with an amazing narrow channel where the turquoise blue water meets bright white rocks before hitting the mossy rolling green landscape.


We paddled a little further out where we met up with friendly local fisherman and a few sailboats before paddling into a small nook to recharge with a PROBAR.


After lunch, we had the wind behind us and we cruised towards East Coast Outfitters using the Westy with the pop top up as our guide.


We owe a huge thanks to East Coast outfitter for showing us around their area. It is a little piece of paradise in Nova Scotia, and if you are in the area, we recommend stopping by to say hi and go out for a paddle.


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