I grew up in Ontario, I spent a lot of time checking out various provincial parks, but there was one that I was never able to get to. Maybe it was because of its location, maybe because it is at the end of a road (although that never stopped me from going somewhere before), or maybe its that I was just waiting for my sister to take my there to show me around.

We left Orillia on Sunday night with big plans. Drive to Killarney, find a place to camp, wake up early, meet my sister, paddle into Silver Peak, hike it, paddle back out then roll into Sudbury. Seemed like the perfect plan to me.


We made the drive, found our camp site and got some shut eye. Morning came, with the feeling of excitement in our bellies. The only thing is, it wasn’t excitement. Both Tracy and I were slowing discovering something wasn’t right.

We marched forward though, getting the van packed up and ready to make the last jump down the road to the Killarney Gatehouse. Driving was what made us realize we had an issue, and it wasn’t the van that was sick this time. It was us! We had picked up a stomach bug somewhere on the road! We decided to bail on our mission of hiking Silver Peak.


We limped into Sudbury, made use of Julie’s hospitality (mostly her facilities) and slept. And slept. And slept.

I have been looking forward to visiting Killarney for months now, and as we started to feel better, it was time to make a new plan. Silver Peak is a mission of a day, and we still were not 100%, so we decided on the much more iconic hike called “The Crack”


The hike starts on an old logging road before opening up to bare white rock. This is where the climbing starts as well.

RathwellJ-160901-6762As you continue up the trail, you start to see views of Georgian Bay. You also have to start climbing your way  over giant boulders that have fallen from the top.


RathwellJ-160901-6783Once at the top, you discover why they call it “The Crack”. You enter a tight split in the rocks which opens up to the final view!

RathwellJ-160901-6798Once at the top, you can enjoy your lunch!

RathwellJ-160901-6807Both Tracy and I would like to thank Julie for an epic time in Sudbury and especially for todays hike!



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