Every now and then, a we have a follower reach out and tell us “you have to come do this (insert chosen activity) when you come through my town”.  It is hard to say no to have a local tour and an off the beaten path adventure.


When AJ from Mahone Bay reached out to us about all the things to do in the area, we couldn’t say no! We met up with her to make a plan for the day at the local coffee shop (because we always need more coffee!)

After checking out the town, we headed for Gaff Point and Hirtles Beach. How can you go wrong. A dreamy sand beach to surf with 2 long points to hike on each side. When we showed up the surf was cranking, but we decided to head out and explore Gaff Point.


The hike only takes a couple of hours if you cruise and explore what is around you, but is totally worth the detour if you are in the area. The 3.5km loop heads through a forest before opening up to beautiful ocean views and endless marine wildlife. We even got to see a seal!


Then the best part. AJ said “Hey guys, come down here. There is a secret beach!” We followed her down a narrow trail out to another point where a rope layed on the ground, leading down a steep cliff and onto a small walled in beach. She asked if we were up for the adventure!


“Of course!” I said. “Let’s check it out”.

We, one by one, lowered ourselves down the slippery wall and onto the beach. It was almost like stumbling on a little piece of heaven with perfect sand under your toes and rock walls echoing the sound of crashing ocean waves all around you. The air was fresh, and the smell of the sea was strong. We all took 15 minutes to ourselves just to take in the beauty of the place.


We owe a huge thanks to AJ for showing us the Mahone Bay area and hosting us for the night. We are so very thankful for all the amazing people we meet along the way that help us out. Thank you AJ!

The next morning we went back to the same spot, but this time to surf. The waves were small but consistent, and with my worn out arms for all those days at Lawrencetown Beach, I decided to take the SUP out for a drive.


After a few waves, Tracy decided to come join in as well. We surfed for a few hours, with only one other surfer in the water. It was well over a 100 wave day. Pretty epic.


We are now continuing to loop around the Southern shore of Nova Scotia where we will continue to surf as well as track down our next Sero Story before heading back to Halifax then on to PEI.




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