There is no doubting Volkswagen’s rich history. We live for it, rather it’s seeing a beautiful old Beatle, camping with an old Bus, keeping an old Rabbit on the road or of course, living in our Vanagon.

The truth is though, before this weekend, the newest VW we had ever driven was a 1995 VR6 Jetta (which still drove like new) and Hunt Club Volkswagen wanted to change that. They wanted to put us behind the brand new 2017 Tiguan, Wolfsburg Edition to see if Volkswagen’s rich history, still lives up to its current line of vehicles.


To me, Volkswagen and adventure go hand in hand, so it was only fitting to test the 2017 Tiguan by heading out of Ottawa and into the ultimate adventure playground of the Ottawa Valley, where camping, whitewater kayaking, mountain biking and any other outdoor sport is around the corner.

We arrived at Hunt Club Volkswagen, where the Tiguan was waiting for us. The first thing we had to do was pack it up, but could it fit everything we needed for the weekend? Only one way to find out! We started unloading the van with all the gear we needed, bikes, boards, tent, camping items, clothes, food, camera gear and of course RainDog. Everything we needed for the weekend was in there, with room to spare!

We were ready to hit the road and start the highway test. The first thing we noticed was just how comfortable the ride was. Smooth, quiet and relaxing. Anyone that has driven a VW before knows they are famous for how tight and predicable they feel at any speed and there is no doubt that tradition lives on.

As we approached The Valley, we got off the highway and onto windy, hilly rural roads. It gave us a chance to put the handling and turning to a test. One thing that always come to mind for me when I think Volkswagen is tight, predictable turning. While there is no doubt it is a strong feature in the Jetta and Golf, would the Tiguan give out the same feel?

The Tiguan was up for the test. It breezed through the turns of the rural roads and got us to the trailhead for our bike ride. Getting there involved driving on some dirt roads and putting the clearance to the test. We were well equipped with the 4motion feature, the permanent four-wheel drive system which distributes the engine’s power to all four wheels as required. Needless to say it drove down to trailhead like a charm.


With an amazing weekend ahead, it was time to hit the water. We ran into a few familiar faces including Hunt Club VW athlete, Kalob Grady and Hunt Club VW owner, Irene Thomson! What a beautiful day to be on one of the best whitewater river in Canada!


RathwellJ-160820-6342When it comes down to it, the Tiguan is simply an amazing adventure vehicle. It meets the needs any well rounded adventurer could possibly be after. If you don’t want to take our word for it, stop by Hunt Club Volkswagen and check it out for yourself!




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