How far would you detour for a KAVU Week? The answer to that is infinity and beyond!

It all started back while we were in Golden BC. A little video call with the rad folks at KAVU to get up to date. The call ended with them inviting us down to their HQ in Seattle to meet the team and celebrate the holidays.

A little detour off the highway on route to Seattle.

Tracy and I busted out the map book right after the call. It was just under 1000km from where we sat in Golden down to Seattle, and just a slight detour from our planned route. We messaged them back and said “on our way!”

As we worked our way to Seattle, we ran into a few rad people we wanted to feature in a Sero Story including Lina, Tamlyn and a couple other folks coming in future stories! The Okanagan had some rad things going on, but for the first time in SFS history, we had a schedule. A firm date to make it somewhere.

Meeting Lina in Vernon BC

We arrived in Seattle prepared for just about anything. We didn’t know what to expect but knew it would be a good time. After all, a KAVU Day is based on a “lifestyle that is defined by uphill challenges, happiness, unconventional thought, non-stop athleticism, and living each day to its fullest”. That is something we can get behind!

It was nothing but smiles and hugs when we walked into HQ and started to meet the team. Hanging at the office was short last though. Barry had plans. We loaded up some brand new Surftech surfboards and jumped in the truck.


Wait, surfing in Seattle? Barry Barr made it happen out on Lake Washington. Now, I’ve surfed almost everything their is to surf. River waves, ocean waves, wind swell waves on lakes, but never have I surfed the wake from a boat, and that was what was about to go down.

Tyler jumped in first. A little December swim in Lake Washington and showed everyone how its done. Crushing the wake and a beer at the same time!

Next was my turn. I jumped in and grabbed the rope. I started getting a feel for the wave. It is not comparable to any other type of surfing, but its surfing and I was pumped, energized and smiling from ear to ear. I could check surfing in Seattle off the list.

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We got back from that and it was time to hit the town for a little urban exploring, food and fun.

Wednesday was business time, but business at KAVU is all about fun. Plus, doing business with these folks is always a pleasure. We also got to tour the KAVU Store in Ballard and discovered more of the area’s great cuisine. That evening, we got to meet more people from KAVU’s extended family. What a blast!

Meeting time!

Thursday was the last day, but not the least of planned festivities. Another boat tour had us discover the city of Seattle through waters with our host and guide Barry. By the way, Barry, if you want to start a boat guiding business, we’ll vet for you!

Then, we had to get ready for the evening’s holiday celebration where KAVU’s staff, team, friends and family got together to have a good time. This year’s theme was Hawaiian luau! So much fun.

We don’t drink often, but when we do, we dress up and make like fools.

Our biggest take away from that week was -again- relationships and people and how they make life so much better. KAVU is a big family grouped around the idea that having fun, enjoying life and living it to the fullest is important and sharing that message is even more important. We are proud to be part of that family and even though we don’t jump off of planes or cliffs, live on a sail boat or push limits like some other KAVU athletes do, we share the same beliefs and work everyday at spreading the word.

Now if you need a little bit of inspiration, click here and check out the freaking awesome videos of them doing what they do best… #BusyLivin!



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  1. Duke Reply December 14, 2016 at 1:50 pm

    Soo good! Beers, boats and boards… what could be better?

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