About Us

John Rathwell is an internationally published and acclaimed action sports photographer. He has been commissioned by such clients as Red Bull, Outside Magazine, The Enthusiast Network over the last several years, just to name a few.

John’s motivation for this project came after his father passed away in 2014 from suicide. His father focused his life on working long hours, overtime and any shift he could take. John watched his father lifestyle as he grew up and could see that life needed to be more balanced. Throughout the project, John is hoping to motivate people to put a little more focus on outdoor adventure and hobbies that bring happiness to their lives by sharing the stories and photographs of how others live theirs.



Tracy Guenard is a traditional 9 to 5 worker. She has years of experience working in the fields of criminology and youth intervention as well as business organizational analysis. People’s life choices and behaviours have always intrigued her.

Tracy’s interest in Searching for Sero comes from the desire to dig in and understand the human-being in the choices they make. She hopes to grasp these people’s relationship to happiness and how they can play an active role in their mental wellness. What is worth living for? Life! Life is worth living for and Tracy wants to  find about the inspiring stories of these people and their passions and share them with you so you also feel that amazement still exists.


A road trip isn’t complete without a furry, four-legged friend. RainDog is a beagle/lab mix with an obsession with playing fetch. I guess you could say, chasing tennis balls are her Sero moments.

Rain’s role on the trip is navigation and security. Her strong sense of smell can lead us in the right direction. We will also rely on her experience as this hound has already traveled across Canada and the U.S.A. on two separate journeys. Her ability to chase squirrels also plays a key part in the project…

If you do get a chance to meet Rain, remember that if you toss the ball once, it will never end. She will play fetch forever and never seems to get tired.


Our yet to be named 1991 Volkswagen Westfalia has under gone a full makeover before we hit the road. She was purchased with over 360,000km on her and may be the most experienced traveler on the team.

Both GoWesty and Diesel Rover have donated extensive help with parts and labour respectively. We are very thankful to both for all their help to get us on the road.


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