2016: Best of Searching For Sero

December 27, 2016

As the year winds down, it creates a perfect opportunity to look back at what was and  forward at what will be. Note: We also realize that a lot is going on during the holidays and we didn’t want to take anyone away from family and friends with a Sero Story. So for this week, we will […]

Adventures | Wreck Beach SUP

December 22, 2016

We are in one of Canada’s biggest cities. All around this city is epic adventure, but right in the middle of it is nothing but concrete and tall buildings. Tracy and I decided we needed a little serotonin boost between work days here in Vancouver. Luckily this city is surrounded by water and has a number […]

Access to Nature

December 22, 2016

We have now made it east to west. We have crossed Canada and seen a lot of land. All 10 provinces! It was a pretty amazing journey, but one thing really stood out, how access to nature varies across the country. When I think of Canada, I think the of the trees, the forest, the wilderness in […]

Behind The Scenes | Momentum Watch Tour

December 16, 2016

We have been moving non-stop since arriving in Vancouver. Catching up with old friends and meeting up new ones. Yesterday we had the opportunity to swing by and check out the Momentum Watch Office. We had been wearing their watches for a year and love them, so we decided to take an inside look. Their […]

News | Plan B

December 15, 2016

Things don’t always go as planned. We have learnt that from several people we interviewed for Sero Stories. And when the left turn hits, you have two options. You can give in or you can assess the situation, make changes and get back on the horse. When we posted Bad News the other week, we […]

Adventures | A KAVU Week

December 14, 2016

How far would you detour for a KAVU Week? The answer to that is infinity and beyond! It all started back while we were in Golden BC. A little video call with the rad folks at KAVU to get up to date. The call ended with them inviting us down to their HQ in Seattle to meet […]

Van Life | Prairies Recap

December 10, 2016

Oh the Canadian Prairies! Where the Transcanadian highway becomes this never ending straight line through crops of all colours. We were dreading the crossing because, like most Canadiens, we don’t know our Prairies well and it is easy to stick to the cliche of a flat boring land. We rolled into Winnipeg just as the fall […]

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