Van Life | Ontario Recap

September 28, 2016

Ontario! There was no better way to explore this gorgeous province than by spending a couple of days in the Ottawa valley. The area was not new to us. John has years of paddling the Ottawa river behind his PFD and he introduced me to the beauties of the place not long after we started […]

Adventures | Fresh Water Surfing in Terrace Bay ON

September 16, 2016

I was sitting on my sister’s couch in Sudbury, browsing the shoreline of Lake Superior on Google Map. I had heard rumours of great surf on the North shore, but a Google search of where to go didn’t provide much beta. As I scrolled along the virtual shore of aerial images I came to an […]

Van Life | Quebec Recap

September 7, 2016

Quebec! The fifth province. Although we had a stretch of french speaking in the Acadian Peninsula, I was pretty excited to get back into French-land and John was worried he wouldn’t be able to communicate with anyone! Well it wasn’t that bad for him… And he got to learn a couple of words 😉We started […]

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